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Nagini, Riley Weasley, Bunny Boy, and Elle Callis

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My patronus is a horse. I am willing to do anything fpr my friends and family. I guess I'm like Ginny Weasely. She's my favorite character. And you better watch out for my hexes!
You’re loyal, smart, and willing to take risks for the sake of your friends and family. Your Patronus takes the form of a Horse, the same as Ginny Weasley. You’re an underrated badass and enemies should be cautious of your hexing skills.
Wand: 12/2 inches Pheonix Heartstring with dragon core, acacia wood
animagus: cat


You can be on the quieter side and prefer to hang out with smaller groups of people. You are open-minded, sensitive, and protective over your independence. You prefer to be expedient rather than follow the rules. People respect you because of your steadfast loyalty to your loved ones.


boggart: darknessYour boggart would take the form of darkness. Sometimes our childhood fears never truly leave us. You are the type of person who not only sleeps with a nightlight but also has a flash light and baseball bat near their bedside table in the event that you hear any strange sounds. It is not as bad when you are with other people but is still something that you struggle with.


wand:Sycamore wood with a dragon heartstring core, 14 ¼" and slightly springy flexibility

uploading pictures

felt like that before

if you want to see my old account here you go

Daisy Potko


<summary>All About Me</summary>

My name: Elle Callis
My house: Ravenclaw!
My wand: Apple wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ½" and slightly springy flexibility
My patronus: Russian Blue Cat
My boggart: The dark
My pets:


Long blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin

<summary>My OCs</summary>

<summary>Eva Norse</summary>

Name: Eva Norse
Nicknames: Nope.
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin

<summary>Cecilie Bell</summary>

Name: Cecilie Bell
Nicknames: Lee, but only by close friends
House: Hufflepuff
Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, dark skin


</details> I am always up for a RP!
My personal account


Parents: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley
Hair: Long, red-head
Patronus: Firefly
Nicknames: Rye (friends only)
Boggart: Dementor
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