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~hyper squad~

We are insane . Highly insane <3

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<font name=papaya>♤ Name- Angie (Angelina Varlett/River di Angelo-Varlett)

♤ Nicknames- Just call me freak

♤ Birthday- November 8th

♤ House- Hufflepuff

♤ Sexuality- Straight

♤ Relationship Status- Taken <3

♤ Likes- Coffee, chocolate, hockey, Starbucks, being weird, Percy Jackson, HP, and the ocean

♤ Dislikes- Hate, being alone, pain, depression

♤ Personality- Kind, shy, weird, helpful, depressed, creative


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★ Name : Ava Felicity Chaos Kate Roberts

★ Nicknames : Avy (anyone), Avary (Cho only), Vi (Anyone), Avvy (Cho), Ave (anyone),Robbie (Mione, Yeah makes no sense lmao), Dudi (Cho only), Avia (Holly only), Avocado (ask),Avie (Angie only), Aveee (Idiot, I mean Stel XD)
[Full list on Personal]

★ Gender: Female

★ Sexuality : Straight

★ Relationship Status : Taken<3

★ Zodiac : Gemini (You won't have to deal with my Gazillion personalities if you act right the first time! )

★ Likes : Making new friends, Books,
Netflix (XD), Roasting haters, Kpop, Coffee

★ Dislikes : Mean people, Harry Potter
Haters, Stereotypes. (Thats about it really!)

★Personality : Classy, Sassy and a bit Smart Assy!

★FC : Amanda Seyfried



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➤Name: Daisy

➤Nicknames: (Idc, call me whatever you please. Just tell me before you do)

➤Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

➤Birthday: Nov 3

➤Status: Single

➤Likes: Roasting the hell out of ppl, Adventures, Something which makes me smile

➤Dislikes: Insects, Tomato(why is that even a thing), Annoying Peeps



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》 Name - Symphony Clover
》 Nicknames - Tris ( everyone) , princess ( my angel)
》Birthday - 12th September
》Zodiac - Virgo
》 Sexuality - bi + poly
》 Relationship status - Takenn by my angel <3
》 Fc - Loren Gray

My angel and I


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<summary>Hermione K</summary>

♛ Name~ Hermione Komatine Granger

♛Nickname~ Mione.K(ask) , H.K (ask)

♛Birthday ~ December 15

♛Gender~ Female

♛Sexuality~ Straight

♛Relationship Status~ Single

♛Zodiac Sign~Virgo

♛Likes~ Inventing, Theories, Kind people , Friends , Reading,K-pop

♛Dislikes~Mean people , Discrimination, Bugs

♛Personality ~ Witty , Super Kind , Active , Bookworm ,Creative

♛FC ~ Princess Madeleine


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◉ Name: Aragog Scamander
◉Nicknames: Ara (anyone), Gog (Cho Only!) and the rest are on my wall
◉Sexuality: Straight
◉Relationship Status: Taken<3
◉Likes: Being annoying, soccer, cricket, table tennis, jokes, making people smile/laugh , drawing, reading and sucking eggs (my friendos will understand this one ;)
◉Dislikes: Breakups, being left out, being alone, trolls, being hated and deceived, tomato, meat, slaughter and lastly, Planet China (if you want to know why ask)
◉Personality: Friendly, deadly, kind, annoying and helpful
◉FC: Mason Mount


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✿Name: Mylie Rosalia S.
✿Age: 13
✿Sexuality: Straight and Alloromantic Asexual
✿Status: Taken <3
✿Looks: Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a few freckles, light skin, short.
✿Personality: Caring, friendly, loyal, outgoing, bold, annoying sometimes, sensitive, crazy in a good way
✿Likes: Rose gold, blue, sunflowers, chocolate, brownies, friend rice, WHATABURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
✿Dislikes: Homophobes, transphobes, sexists, racists, rude people, bullies, spiders.
✿Hobbies: Photography, singing, cheerleading.

~Cinnamon (Anyone)
~Minni (Anyone)
~Cinny (Hazelbear/Peyzey only)
~CM (Cinnamon Rolls account friends only)
~CiCi (Berry)
~Cinns (Manya)
~Bobby (anyone who was involved and remembers and wants to call me it)
~Sistah C (Cinnamon Sister)
~Ci (Chopi)
~Idiot (Meanie lol)
~Cinnamon Bear (Lily Bee only)
~Rose (Also Lily Bee)
✿FC: Madelaine Petsch


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<summary>Hermione Potter Granger</summary>
✸Name: Hermione Potter Granger

•Mione (All the people that are following me, and I'm following them back)
•Hermi (My bro, uncle, a partner in crime... mah best friend Stel Black!)
•Minnie (ONLY mah bestie Felix=D)
•Monie (Only mah cousin and fellow weirdo Cho!)
•Niecey(The best roaster and pranker... I present you... MY AUNT RIVER DI ANGELO VARLETT!)
•Minion (Robbie!)
•Mione the Great (Mah bootiful Auntie!)
•My Knee (Angie)
• Idiot number two (Stel)
• Cheryl (ask)
• Mimi (Aragog)

✸Sexuality: Straight

✸Relationship Status: Single as a euro and not looking for change

✸Likes: Kinda all except the dislikes

✸Dislikes: WORMS, people that plagiarize my backstory

• Classy sassy and REALLY VERY smart and clever assy
• Your BEST of friends or your WORST nightmare
• Positive and strong and brave and genius

✸Blood Status: Proud Muggleborn

✸Family: Stel, Angie, Ava, Cho, Shannon, Hermione Jean Granger

✸House: Gryffindor

✸FC: Confusion......

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*this dumbhead's bio is still in progress* *he doesn't want to write it*


<font color=#2980B9> [KUDO to Cho for doing the backstory!]

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