Isolt Othinus Lightfoot

Student ~ Calamity Volunteer

Just a Simple Sorcerer trying to find solid ground in this “Multiverse Of Maddness”. Catch me in Los Angeles Area, Did you hear NATO Put out a war on all C.T?!

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    My Great-Grandmother was an Aboriginal-Indigenous American Witch of the Muskogee Tribe (Who unfortunately "passed away" in 2019) and a proud member of The Lightfoot Clan. She was also "The Good Witch Of The West" During her lifetime. 

     During the rise of Grindlewald she merged into the American No-Maj society and spawned 6 generations of Squibs. I am the only one of her few descendants who can continue the Legacy of Magic.    

      Though I am starting my Magical Education a little late, Due to my separation from the Wizarding World, I never had an option of having a Wand or a real education until now. And I am more than proud to be here.

     I Am a Triplet (and the youngest of them at that) and Two-Spirit/ Two-Spiritied. My oldest brother lives in the Posideon Cabin at Camp Half-Blood, and my Older brother lives in his own quarters at Illvermorny School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry. I stay behind to protect our family and make a way in the Non Magical World through my Art.

   My pronouns are Wizard, Sorcerer or It and whatever tf u see. As I am aslo a Metamorphamangus. So talk to me nice or not at all 🥰. 

    I currently live and work in the No-Maj world in the Great ol State of California. As a Caregiver. I'm so very Greateful to be here and hoping to become the best Sorcerer i can be and then an even better Wizard 💜🪄🙏


     Also I aspire to be a MediWizard & Superhero; Young Avenger, in my free time. I dream of ending my career as Headmistress of either Hogwarts or Ilvermorny. And then retiring to follow in the footsteps of Nanny McPhee 🥰. All this of course after a long and sturdious career as a Young Avenger; Daughter of Wanda Maximoff, Born in the Westview Anomoly. Of Earth-199999 ( or as Mr Feige and Christine Palmer says Earth-616). 

Wand Details: Beech Wood, Unicorn Hair, 12.59 Inches. 

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