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Johanna Varlett
Nickname(s): Yeah, no. Hard pass. ( Okay, fine: Roman and Eve can call me Jo. But that's it. )

17/Could change for RP
Relationship Status: Single as a dollar and ain't looking for change.

Personality: Stubborn, bored, honest( which some people would call negative )
FC: Carly Rae Jepsen

Trixie Corrina-Lily Rose
Nickname(s): Trix
Age: 16/Could change for RP


Personality: Peaceful, fun-loving, LOVES Disney and lipstick(not lip gloss, her hair gets stuck in it)
FC: Erin Chambers
Roman Fabra
Nickname(s): Fabra
19/Could change for RP

Personality: Tries to keep things light and positive! That is, until anyone threatens his friends
Pet(s): A cat, Nigel
FC: Tanner Buchanan

Loren Blaine Gustin
15/Could change for RP

Relationship Status:Single as a Pringle and will never be ready to mingle
Straight, although this is questionable
Personality: Kind, shy, loves music but is to self-conscious to pursue it
FC: Dakota Lotus

Eli James Shah
Nickname(s): Elie( anyone! )
17/Could change for RP

Relationship Status: Single, unfortunately
Sexuality: Very gay
Personality:Outspoken, odd( read:unique ), easily confused, distracted, or lost in thought

Pet(s): Unfortunately, none. My parents are allergic.
FC: Graham Phillips

Wesley Sampson
Nickname(s): Wes. Only Wes. Anyone and everyone calls me Wes. Thanks.
18(could change for roleplay)

Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle
Sexuality:Heterosexuality, my ass. As if that really happens.
Personality: Judgy, annoyed, icy until you get to know him
FC: Ben Azelart

Gesy Paige Zabala
Nickname(s): Try me. I dare you.
Age: Almost 20/could change for RP
Sex: Female

Sexuality: Sorry, I tend to fall in love with personalities and souls, not genders!
Personality:Passionate, calm but fiery on occasion, an amazing listener
Pet(s): *sighs* Sadly, I'm allergic to most things smelly and gross and immature, which means my family can't keep males.
Family: Carmela Zabala( mother ), Izabel Zabala( aunt; my mother's sister )
FC: Camila Cabello

Brooklyn Jane Beck
Nickname(s): B
Age: 16/It can change for RP

Personality: Kind, sweet, caring, sassy( anyone would tell you so )
Pet(s): A hamster, Humpfrey
FC: Jessica Alexander

Cora Grace McDonough
18/Could change for RP

Relationship Status: Singleeee
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: Sarcastic, likes to be alone, introvert-ness
Pet(s): Black Lab, Hans
FC: Jillian Rose Reed

Luca Jones
For Eve because she told me to put in my favorite color: it's green. :3

15/Could change for roleplay

I don't really mind who I date, other than. . .you know, what your personality is and stuff.

Personality: Compassionate, quiet, very easy to tell their emotions[ I also almost always wear my black beanie. I keep my stuff in there. Like Chapstick, a flashlight, etc. I mean, you never know. . . ;) ]
Side note: My pronouns. Welp, usually just they/them is fine, but if it's different, I'll be sure to let you know! ;)
Female FC: Ariana Grande
Male FC: Juanpa Zurita

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