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I'm a first-year Hufflepuff who is a tiny bit obsessed with writing fiction, and I try to be a loyal friend to everyone I meet, though sometimes it is hard. I have an older brother Hugo who is in Ravenclaw, and I am from a pureblood family. My wand is laurel wood with a unicorn hair core, and 13 3/4 inches. (slightly springy) My patronus is a red squirrel, which is useful because its adorable rodent-ness will annoy the heck out of the dementors until they leave so that's my personality for you ;]. My favorite class is Herbology and I make many, many puns. I have brown hair and blue eyes and I am tall and thin. My favorite food is canned corn which is yellow so yay go hufflepuff!!!! I am writing two books in the library, Phantoms, and Ghost Stories, though I have like dozens more that I'm still editing a ton....

Phantoms is a bit hard to explain, but it's basically where the main character is literally a narrator and his job is to narrate this whole story but he doesn't like the way the story is going so he tries to change it and some bad things happen.....

Ghost Stories is based on a weird dream I had where my best friend was my twin sister, and it was the 60s, and we brought someone back from the dead, and got ketchup packets from trick-or-treating so hehehe....... weird story but it's cute. 

Anyways, I love making new friends so I hope I didn't scare you away with my book-nerdiness. 

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