Alfie Scamander


¨There are no strange creatures. Only blinkered people.¨

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Alfie lives with his father, tucked away in a safe and excluded woods, where the sun hits their home just right and the silence keeps them warm. His father´s name is Rolf Scamander, the two of them having a great bond. His mother is Luna Love-good.
He doesn't know much about his great grandfather, Newt Scamander, just that he had taken on some of his most valuable and loving traits, just as the generations down.

Though there was something peculiar about Alfie, as he seemed to be a spinning image of him. Alfie believes in kindness and fairness. He is patient and just and overall a fun person to get along with. Alfie is very friendly with a Hippogriff that he has named Shanky, taking care of him and raising him since birth. It is a rare sight and not many cases are known of that situation. Alfie Scamander was sorted into Hufflepuff, like the majority of his family. He wasn't a hat stall, the sorting hat letting out a hearty and warm laugh when he sat down. He is great with animals and succeeds at Charms, Care Of Magical Creatures and Herbology. He struggles with Defense Against Dark Arts and Potions.
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