Lily Venus Lovegood


'Mudblood,and proud of it!' -Hermione Granger

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I'm Muggle-born so I didn't know about the Wizarding World before ı got the letter.I kind of freaked out when I had to walk through the barrier- but when I held my breath and ran at full speed towards the barrier and ran strait through it,I felt AWESOME.İt isnt much to most witches and wizards,but going through that barrier was probably the best moment of my life.Going through the barrier meant that all this wasn't a joke,and magic was REAL, that I really was a witch,that I was going to HOGWARTS,a magic school...When I am casting my Patronus(which is a hare)I always focus on that moment,the moment I ran through the barrier ;my happiest memory. I was a hatstall at Hogwarts,it took AGES 'till the Sorting Hat finally cried"Gryffindor!" .I'm not very good at "choosing".This unfortunantly goes within every area in my life.For example,I can't even decide on which Honeydukes sweet to get! I can't choose!!! So,that was a reason I was very relived that there was A TALKİNG HAT in the Sorting Ceremony,who puts you in one of the four houses.I think all four of them are great,and I have really different qualities so I'd probably do in any one of them,especially Ravenclaw and Gryffindor,so if it was up to me,I simply COULDN'T choose which house to be in!!!So,I was extemely lucky to have the Sorting Hat choose the house I belonged in.I love Quidditch ,and I play for Gryffindor as Seeker. I found out later on that I 'm a Legilimens. This gift may seem cool,but it's sometimes very depressing for me because some people think really bad stuff about me.It's hard to control too. Anyway, my favorite lessons are D.A.D.A. ,Charms and Herbology but I.'m skilled at Potions as well.
I love reading more than anything.I could get lost in a book for a day,even more! I am currently a first year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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