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Friends can be like love...u <3 them but they might leave... or they might not. Fortunately our friendship/love is never ending

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<font face=papaya><font color=maroon>~Hazel Anderson

♡Name: Hazel Emma Anderson
♡Nicknames: Hazelnut (ask), Hazie (Angie), Haze (anyone), Azzy (anyone) (full list on personal account)
♡Blood Status: Muggleborn
♡Relationship Status: Single
♡Sexuality: Straight
♡Appearance: Light brown hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, average height
♡Personality: Kind, funny, weird, stubborn, talkative, loud, bold, curious, trusting
♡Likes: Harry Potter, animals, chocolate, reading, writing, acting, skateboarding, Star Wars, my friends
♡Dislikes: Meat, fake friends, moths, being left alone, homophobes, transphobes, racism, sexism
♡Zodiac Sign: Taurus
♡Birthday: May 10 (celebrated on May 11)
♡Patronus: Black Swan
♡Favorite Quote: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” -Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, The Marauders
♡House: Gryffindor
♡FC: Amanda Seyfried

Personal account

~ Cho❤
♡Name : Cho Potter
♡Nicknames: None (Call Me Cho ! )
♡Status: Single
♡Likes : Making new friends , Singing , Roasting People
♡Dislikes : Bullies ,Insects
♡Zodiac : Scorpion
♡Birthday : Nov 3
♡ Fav Quote : “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
♡ Patronus : Stag
♡ Boggarts : Creepy Bugs (let's say bugs)
♡ FC : Karen Gillian (I think!! )

Personal Account</font>

Name - Lara Jean
Nickname - none.. Call me lara
Status - crushing
Likes - making friends, books, dancing, music, disney, stunts
Dislikes - snakes, cockroaches, mice
Zodiac - Virgo
Birthday - 12th Sept
Patronus - white wolf
Fc - Hailee Steinfeild

Fav quote -" I am stuck in a generation where loyalty is a tattoo, love is a quote and lying is the truth "

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Cinnamon Mylie
♣️ Nickname(s): Cinnamon (Anyone) CM (this account only) Cinny (Hazelbear only)
♣️ Gender: Female
♣️ Sexuality: ???
♣️ Birthday: April 17
♣️ Status: Taken by my Marcus
♣️ Appearance: Strawberry blond-ish hair, blue eyes, freckles
Lightish tanish skin
♣️ Age: 13
♣️ Personality: If I feel bad for you I'll probably call you Sugar (If you don't like that tell me), crazy once you get to know me, shy, wild, did I mention crazy?
♣️ Hobby's: Photography, art, writing, reading, horse riding

♣️ Likes: Blue, rose gold, my bf, Whataburger, animals
♣️ Dislikes: Trump (sorry to those of you who like him), bright pink, a-holes, b****es
Personal account

♣️ FC: No clue

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Angie (River di Angelo)

♡ Full Name: Angelina [River] Calypso Anna Aria Oceanus Marina Andromeda di Angelo-Varlett

♡ Nicknames: River (Everyone), Angie (Gotta ask), Winky (My house elf friends <3), Kelpie/Kelp Face (James Shaw and Abigail Rana), Mama/Mum/Mami (My floofer children), Ri-Ri/Ri (Gotta ask), Rio (Gotta ask), HuffleQueenie (Holly, and I'm not calling you 'Paris), Riv/Rivie (Hazel Anderson only), Lina (CiCi Mylie), and Princess (Don't bother asking)

Only Hazelnut Anderson has access to all my nicknames, except Lina

♡ Parents: Athena (The goddess..), and Noah Hawthorne Varlett

♡ Siblings: None unless you count half-siblings

♡ Godly heritage: Daughter of Athena and legacy of Neptune and Bellona

♡ Blood Status: Half-blood

♡ Appearance: Tanned skin, bright green eyes, long wavy chestnut/brown hair, a couple freckles, petite and skinny.

♡ Personality: Sweet, loyal, kind, sometimes shy, friendly, creative, depressed..

♡ House: Hufflepuff, but don't mess with me

♡ Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie (The equivalent of Hufflepuff)

♡ Gender: Female

♡ Sexuality: Straight

♡ Shared accounts: Too many to remember..but Da Crazy Gurls, Cinnamon Rolls, Besties, Besties Depressdies, The Angel Sisters, and way more.

♡ FC: No idea..

Personal Account
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