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♡Name : Ava Felicity Roberts
♡ Nickname : My name literally has 3 letters!
♡Status: Straight, Single
♡Likes : Making new friends, Dancing, Reading,
♡Dislikes : Mean people, Harry Potter Haters (Yeah, that sums it up!)
♡Zodiac : Gemini
♡Birthday : 23rd May
♡Personality : Sweet, Clever, Considerate, Funny, somewhat Sarcastic
♡House :<font color = red> Gryffindor </font color = red> (although I feel like I'm half <font color = green> slytherin! </font color = green>)
♡Blood Status : Pureblood
♡Wand : Rosewood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and brittle flexibility
♡Signature spell : Stupefy
♡Patronus : Chestnut Mare
♡Boggart : Being Alone
♡Fav Quote : "Disapproval of cowards is praise to the brave." ~Gellert Grindelwald

♡FC : No Idea !
Personal Account

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*Not telling meh age
*Ima single
*Gryffindor, but is actually 60% SlYtHeRiN ;)
*Wand: holly and phoenix tail feather, 9 1/2 inches, supple
*Patronus: Lion
FC: Lara Mcdonnell
Personal Account

<font color = turquoise>
~Age: Not saying!
~Wand: Elder, Unicorn Hair, Hard Flexibility, 11 inches.
~Patronus: St. Bernard
~Animagus: Artic Fox
FC: Maggie Lindemann
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