The Weird Angels

♡ Fourteen Amigos ♡

♡Best friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart ♡

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The Girls:
~ Cho
~ Lily
~ Martha
~ Holly
~ Ava
~ Hermione
~ Hazel
~ Angie
~ Callie
~ Tilly

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~ Hermione Potter Granger

♡Name : Hermione Lily Potter Granger
♡Nicknames : Mione
♡Course: CHARMS 101
♡Blood status: Proud muggleborn
♡Status: Single, straight
♡Look: Dark brown eyes, wavy dark brown hair, tall.
Usually wearing a hoody or a striped shirt
♡Wand: 10¾" long, made of vine wood, and possessed a dragon heartstring core.
♡Favourite flowers: Lilies and roses
♡Favourite weather: Rain
♡Likes: Harry Potter books and movies, Hermione Granger, books, reading, studying, helping out, to learn, friends, best friends, cats
♡Dislikes: Don't do your homework properly, to spy, traitors of D.A.
♡Zodiac : Cancer
♡Birthday : 9th July
♡ Patronus : Otter
♡ Boggarts : Friends in danger
♡Top three favourite quotes :
~A strong woman is someone who smile this morning like she never cried last night-
~Everything in life have a price: the one I'm paying for being nerd is not having any friend -Me
~Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.-Albus Dumbledore

Personal Profile

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♡ Name: ♡ Tilly di Angelo ♡
♡ Nicknames: Tilly (everyone), Tils (only close friends)
♡ House: Slytherin (don't hate or judge)
♡ Amortentia: Chocolate, smoke from embers, summer rain, freshly cut grass
✿ Likes: Singing, chocolate, Netflix, reading, roller coasters!
✿ Dislikes: Death, small spaces, the smell of petrol/ diesel, creepy crawlies.
✿ Phobias: Small spaces (claustrophobia), insects (entomophobia), FOMO (fear of missing out).
✿ FC: Ariana Grande

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✿Age: Not saying XD
✿Birthday: 23rd September
✿Godly Parent: Athena
✿Wand: Cherry, 9 1/2 Inches, Unicorn Tail core
✿Patronus: Staffy
✿House: Ravenclaw
✿Nickname/s: Lils, Lil. Anyone can call me these nicknames, or make their own if you want!
✿Looks: Pale, freckly, blonde (Though most of the time my hair Is pink)
✿Skills: Good at reading and writing, metamorphagus
✿Sibling/s: My brother Dexter
✿Pets: Lily-White (Three-headed dog), Ashe (Niffler), Ryder (Dragon)
✿FC: None

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*Not saying age
*Nicknames: Ly-ly (friends only)
*Patronus: Lion
*Wand: Holly & phoenix tail feather, 9 1/2 inches
*Twin bro: Fergus
*Pets: A LOT!!! :)
*Crazy & bitterweet
*Looks: short & wavy black hair, dark brown eyes, tall
FC: Lara Mcdonnell

<font color=Green>
Martha !
Age - nuh nuh , not telling
birthday - 12th september
zodiac - virgo
Nicknames - none but suggest me some
House - Gryffindor
Patronus - white wolf
Wand - aspen , unicorn tail hair , 12 inches , slightly yielding
Pet - Too many
Quote -

Stuck in a generation where loyalty is a tattoo, love is a quote and lying is the truth

love is scary . it changes . it goes away . thats part of the risk . i dont want to be scared anymore

Fc - Hailee Steinfield

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♡Name : Ava Felicity Roberts
♡ Nickname : My name literally has 3 letters!
♡Status: Straight, Single
♡Likes : Making new friends, Dancing, Reading,
♡Dislikes : Mean people, Harry Potter Haters (Yeah, that sums it up!)
♡Zodiac : Gemini
♡Birthday : 23rd May
♡Personality : Sweet, Clever, Considerate, Funny, somewhat Sarcastic
♡House :<font color = red> Gryffindor </font color = red> (although I feel like I'm half <font color = green> slytherin! </font color = green>)
♡Blood Status : Pureblood
♡Wand : Rosewood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and brittle flexibility
♡House: Gryffindor (Though I feel like I am half Slytherin! )
♡Signature spell : Stupefy
♡Patronus : Chestnut Mare
♡Boggart : Being Alone
♡Fav Quote : "Disapproval of cowards is praise to the brave." ~Gellert Grindelwald

♡FC : No Idea !
Personal Account

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~Hazel Anderson

♡Name: Hazel Emma Anderson
♡Nicknames: Hazelnut (ask), Hazie (Angie), Haze (anyone), Azzy (anyone), Hazelbear (Cinny) (full list on personal account)
♡Blood Status: Muggleborn
♡Relationship Status: Single
♡Sexuality: Straight
♡Appearance: Light brown hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, average height
♡Personality: Kind, funny, weird, stubborn, talkative, loud, bold, curious, trusting
♡Likes: Harry Potter, animals, chocolate, reading, writing, acting, skateboarding, Star Wars, my friends
♡Dislikes: Meat, fake friends, moths, being left alone, homophobes, transphobes, racism, sexism
♡Zodiac Sign: Taurus
♡Birthday: May 10 (celebrated on May 11)
♡Patronus: Black Swan
♡Favorite Quote: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” -Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, The Marauders
♡House: Gryffindor
♡FC: Amanda Seyfried

Personal account

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♣️ Nickname(s): Cinnamon (Anyone) CM (All joined accounts) Cinny (Hazelbear only)
♣️ Gender: Female
♣️ Sexuality: ???
♣️ Birthday: April 17
♣️ Status: Taken by my Marcus
♣️ Appearance: Strawberry blond-ish hair, blue eyes, freckles
Light-ish tan-ish skin
♣️ Age: 13
♣️ Personality: If I feel bad for you I'll probably call you Sugar (If you don't like that tell me), crazy once you get to know me, shy, wild, did I mention crazy?
♣️ Hobby's: Photography, art, writing, reading, horse riding

♣️ Likes: Blue, rose gold, my bf, Whataburger, animals
♣️ Dislikes: Trump (sorry to those of you who like him), bright pink, a-holes, b****es
Personal account

♣️ FC: No clue

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✰˩ιℓαc Ƨʏʏмραтιн✰
Full Name: Lilac Ashley Syympatih
Nicknames: Ash(anyone),Li-li(River di Angelo)
Age: 14
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: nice, gentle, weird-ish, cringey, overprotective, sweet, understanding, practical joker.
Mirror of Erised: SoCkS
Whats wrong with me: MEMESSS
Likes: roasting my exes, meh besties
Dislikes: being normal

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Angie (River di Angelo)

♡ Full Name: Angelina [River] Calypso Anna Aria Oceanus Marina Andromeda di Angelo-Varlett

♡ Nicknames: River (Everyone), Angie (Gotta ask), Winky (My house elf friends <3), Kelpie/Kelp Face (James Shaw and Abigail Rana), Mama/Mum/Mami (My floofer children), Ri-Ri/Ri (Gotta ask), Rio (Gotta ask), HuffleQueenie (Holly, and I'm not calling you 'Paris), Riv/Rivie (Hazel Anderson only), Lina (CiCi Mylie), and Princess (Don't bother asking)

Only Hazelnut Anderson has access to all my nicknames, except Lina

♡ Parents: Athena (The goddess..), and Noah Hawthorne Varlett

♡ Siblings: None unless you count half-siblings

♡ Godly heritage: Daughter of Athena and legacy of Neptune and Bellona

♡ Blood Status: Half-blood

♡ Appearance: Tanned skin, bright green eyes, long wavy chestnut/brown hair, a couple freckles, petite and skinny.

♡ Personality: Sweet, loyal, kind, sometimes shy, friendly, creative, depressed..

♡ House: Hufflepuff, but don't mess with me

♡ Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie (The equivalent of Hufflepuff)

♡ Gender: Female

♡ Sexuality: Straight

♡ Shared accounts: Too many to remember..but Da Crazy Gurls, Cinnamon Rolls, Besties, Besties Depressdies, The Angel Sisters, and way more.

♡ FC: No idea..

Personal Account

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Name: Rachelle Annabelle Nicole Anneliese Regina Granger
Nicknames (FULL list on meh backstory): Rach (call me Rach!), Rachel (Anyone), Anneliese (ONLY Yuliang Zhou!), Annabelle (Ask), , CoCo (If I followed you)

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Blood Status: Proud Muggle-born
Zodiac: Libra
Birthday: 7th October
Age: Not telling!
FC: Ariana Grande
Patronus : Swan
Boggarts : Death Eaters taking over
Favourite quotes:
The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree.
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.

♡Name: Cho Romanoff(basically a Malfoy )
~URBAN DICTIONARY(i searched up my real name and I got this) A name that encompasses all that is awesome and beautiful in the world. She's Smart, Beautiful, Amazing, Talented, Sweet, Kind, Gorgeous Girl. She is the best girl you'll ever meet, simply awesome. If you ever find her, never let her go, you'll definitely regret it and sometimes she may be moody, difficult and unfair at times - and talking to her is like peeling an onion because there is always more to discover under each layer, a whole different side and although she likes to bully you, she will always have a heart of absolute purity and is one of a kind.
♡Evil Name (Given by my uncle Stel) : Darth Invidia
♡Nicknames: Cho (Everyone), Chops( Ask) , Choi(Ask) , Blossom (Lara Only), Ma'am( only that idiot Aragog) , Chosy (Holly only!!) Ruby(Mione Only) , Boo(Ask), Toots(Ask), Dudi(ask), Buttercup(Aragog,ask), CC(Hazel Only),Chocochip(Ava Only),Cocoa(Angie Only)
♡Status: Taken<3
♡Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

♡Birthday: Nov 3
♡House: Slytherin
♡Aesthetic: Mint Green

♡Likes: Singing, Roasting People
♡Dislikes: Bullies, Insects
♡ Fav Quote:
♡ Patronus: Stag
♡ Boggarts: Creepy Bugs (let's say bugs)
♡ FC: Maddison Iseman

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<summary>✧About Me✧◄</summary>

<summary>General Information</summary>
Name: Xena Williams
Gender: Female
Sexuality: No idea
Relationship Status: single
Likes:music, animals, cuddles, hugs, attention
Dislikes:depression, rude people, my friends being sad/depressed

XeXe (Ava)

<summary>Special Mentions for Special People</summary>

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