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Temp Klasey is hereeeee

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Nicknames: Idkk
Gender: Female
DoB: April 15 (National Everything Sucks Day)
Sexuality: Pan
Aaaaaaaaaaand idk what else to say

<marquee behavior=“scroll” direction=“right”><center><font size=“3”>And so the story goes, love grows and then it gets cut down, then crumbles like a rose and decomposes in the ground. It's tragic I suppose, like dominoes how it goes down.</center></marquee>
~Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic, Part 2

FC: Kenzie Ziegler (idk)

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Name: Wisteria Brown
Nicknames: Wis (My friends can call me that ^_^)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age: Depends on RP
Year: Depends on RP
Patronus: Fox
House: Ravenclaw
Star Sign: Virgo

Likes: Reading, writing, talking, being weird and insane, roleplaying
Dislikes: Bullies, rude people *cough cough* Rude olphus, ketchup

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Some Facts About Me IRL
1. I have anxiety and depression.
2. I can speak fluent Korean.
3. I love to write and read.
4. I can get emotional sometimes.
5. I'm weird and I love dalgona coffee.
6. I love listening to k pop.

Here is the link to my book on all my ocs:

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Kate Elm & OCs, Temperance Klasey, Harmony Luna Granger, Hazel Anderson, Steluvius Black, Violet Granger-Weasley, Holly, Polly, Clover Turner. Charlotte Lu, Angela Rao, River Di Angelo (Angie), Haunted Hunter, Beatrix Malfoy, Justina Cento, Mia, Cinnamon Salem, Hermione Potter Granger, Lily Eastwood, Lacey, Bernadette Couture, Mafalda Whisp, Nadetta

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1. Please Don't Spam On My Wall
2. You May Advertise On My Wall
3. If you want to RP, you can owl me or post a starter on my wall.
4. No Godmoding
5. Do Not Be Rude
6. I will try my best to reply during RPs but if I don't, I am probably busy.

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Quotes I Live By:

Today.... I might not feel okay, but there will always be something inside of me, a hope, a dream, a smile, a laugh, a something, that will keep me going. I have friends who will support me. I will support all my friends. There will be something that will keep us going. We will have sad days, but there is always hope that keeps me moving. LOVE YOURSELF.

I hide my true feelings well. I smile even though I'm sad. I hide everything behind a laugh, a joke, a smile. Inside of me, I'm not okay. I'm slowly breaking. I'm lucky to have such supportive friends that help me through things. I may be breaking, but I'm trying my hardest to mend myself.


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Name: Sage Maiden
Nicknames: Sagie (anyone) Gigi (must ask first)
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 23
House: Ravenclaw
Favorites: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Musical Theater, Kpop, Paganism
What's wrong with me: Depression, Self Hate, Self Harm, Frequent Suicidal Thoughts, Body Shame

FC: Chaeyoung

River di Angelo (Angelina/Angie Varlett)

Nicknames: Angie (If I say you can), River (Everyone), Ri-Ri/Ri (If I say you can), Rio (Angels_and_Demons), Lina (If I say you can), Princess (Don't bother asking), Mami/Mama (My floofer children), HuffleQueenie (Holly)

Personality: Sweet, kind, sometimes shy, weird, helpful, kind, loyal

Looks: Bright green eyes, Long brown/chestnut hair, tanned, a few freckles, skinny, petite and a bit short

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Single as a pringleeeee

Problems: Mild depression, Bipolar, Self-Harm
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