The Two

Temp X Pinky (And the Brain)

Two Fucking Lunatics who don't know WHAT THE HELL is going on with life.

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This account, yes. This account. Is owned by 2 people who don't know each other irl. We are online friends. The links to our personal accounts shall be down below somewhere.

Error: Temp. Klasey ~Im here 4 u~ is currently broken. Here is Pinky's though
Separate User: The Pink Whale

Name: Violet Potter

Nicknames: Pinky and the Brain, Depressed

Pronouns: They/Them if I don't tell the gender

Sex: Gender Fluid

Sexuality: Bisexual


Friends: Temperance Klasey


upload pic

Top-Male named Klutz ! Right-Female named Cinnamon ! Left-Male named Ashton

Personality: Bubbly, Outgoing Somewhat Shy, Intelligent, Kind, Witty, Teacher's Pet

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FC: I don't fucking know.

Maturities in RP: Swearing, Romance, Drugs, Alcohol, Diseases and Suicide

Status: Alive

Romance Status: SINGLE

System Update: Temperance is available! Scroll down.

My parents are (half blood father) Fahisa Klasey, and (witch mother) Dahlia Kakoraff.

Name: Temperance Klasey
Nicknames: temp (everyone) tempy (FOR CLOSE FREINDS) Murder Sister (Bea) SEE MAH MAIN ACCOUNT FOR FULL LIST
Likes/ hobbies: reading, finishing essays early, saduko, hanging ot with one or two freinds, outdoors, rping, staying up until 2 am, partying, learning to music 24/7
House: ravenclaw
Theme song: bruh
Second theme song: If I Die Young- The band Perry
3rd: Stayin' alive- Bee Gees
Blood: pureblood
Sibling: Trix Klasey (he's literally never on)
Good sense of humor, and loves meeting new people, animagus that can turn to a wolf

I was SO happy when we got my Hogwarts letter! We were expecting it already, because I could already do simple spells with my wand I got when I was ten. I could do lumos, nox, and reparo. I live happily with my parents, and love 60s 70s and 80s music. I try to get along with people, but sometimes fail... I have a bf, Steluvius Black. And I'm fluent in Spanish, and a HUGE book nerd. Once I got so bored that I dared to start reading twilight, but quit after one chapter. ITS HORRIBLE

Irl facts:
Favorite book series:
Harry Potter
Deltora quest
Anne of Green Gables (even though it's only 1)
Black Beauty
Time zone: US eastern daylight time
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