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Hey, I'm Sofia Evans. My whole family is a line of Gryffindors, and I'm a pureblood, my family are all descendants of Godric Gryffindor so now I'm Heir to Gryffindor which means a lot of responsibilities fall onto my shoulders. But that doesn't mean I am a boring person ya know, lol. I am very rebellious by nature, a trait I got from my father, I can be very reckless and I may or may not be a bit short-tempered at times. I am also very studious, I love reading, these traits I got from my mother (I almost got sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but those are great houses), I'm also pretty shy but I open up once I trust and get to know you.

My mother's sister was married to a muggle which is why I has visited the muggle world frequently and I know it by heart. A lot of my family members were powerful wizards/witches, and a number of them turned into Aurors. Which is why, I know a lot about dueling and also I really want to be an Auror. I am currently in my 4th year at Hogwarts, and am a bit ahead then most students. I have tried to cast the patronus charm and succeeded, I got a Hippogriff,

Age: 14 (Can change depending on rp)
Gender: Female
Looks: Long Wavy hair (Little longer than Waist-length), tanned skin, brown almond eyes
Height: 5'2 (=160 cm-ish)
Personality: Rebellious, Sarcastic, Smart (way ahead of her class), Short-tempered, Ambitious
Things I'm good at: Art, Expert dueler, Kind of good at singing, Study's
Flaws: Stubborn, Short-tempered, Shy
Wand: Spruce wood with a phoenix feather core, 13" and suprisingly swishy flexibility
Sexuality: Straight
Favourite Classes:
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