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Hello! Haven't been on here in a while but hoping to get started back up again!

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I was born February 28th to my parents, Maxwell and Maybel Raven. I'm a Muggleborn so before I came, I knew nothing about magic. I have a brother, Xavier, but he is a Muggle like my parents. I'm the only witch in my family. When I was 11, I got my Hogwarts letter. My family and I were confused as we had no idea what this was. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that this was a letter to a very prestigious school that I would be going to. Boy was we wrong. I was able to get my supplies, including my wand, with the realization that this was a magic school. My parents were as shocked as I was and had to talk over if I was able to go or not. They finally said I could, as I already got everything including a barn owl as my pet, so we went to King's Cross Station to board the Hogwarts Express. We were confused there as well as to where Platform 9 3/4 was until we came across a family all with strawberry blond hair. Within that family, I met my best friend Elysee Nicole. She was a pureblood so she knew where she was going. She helped me get on the platform and let me sit with her the whole way there. When we got there, I was sorted in Ravenclaw, and she into Ravenclaw as well. We went to our common room and chose beds right next to each other. On the first day of classes, I had Potions with Slytherins first. I was paired up with a Slytherin boy with jet black hair and icy blue eyes. His name was Forester, or Forest for short, Esra. We figured out that we had a lot in common and soon enough, we both grew to have feelings for each other. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. After that class, I went to my common room to owl my parents about it. They were fine with it and happy for me. Now, I am in a happy relationship with him and happy friendship with Elysee, who also accepted the relationship, with of course threatening Forest about consequences of breaking my heart. I have been at Hogwarts for a couple of months, still in my first year, and have been loving it more and more every day. F.Y.I: These names, including my own, are made up of names and have no real-life affiliation. If your name is one of these names, please note that I am not saying anything in that is true or involves you. Thank you!

Gradebook (All grades official; Excluding EC)

ASTR-101: In Progress (Currently 100%[O])

CHRM-101: Not Started

DADA-101: Not Started

HERB-101: In Progress (Currently 100% [O])

HOM-101: In Progress (Currently 90% [O])

PTNS-101: Completed (100% [O])

TNFG-101: In Progress (Currently 99% [O])

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