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I'm Lux and I am..'happy' to be here.

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Lux was born to Cora and James Lacework. Her mother is a world renowned magizoologist and her father is a freelance and experimental wandmaker who learned his craft under Ollivander himself. James even taught Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts for a few years before Lux was born. Her mother taught the magizoology class at Beauxbatons academy. Both of her parents graduated near top of their classes from Hogwarts, both part of Slytherin.

Lux was born when her parents were still quite young, and Lux spent her first few years between Beauxbatons and Hogwarts with her parents, until they both retired before she turned 5. She then spent the rest of her early childhood surrounded by both magical flora and fauna. She was quite the rambuctious child, always getting herself scraped up while playing around in the garden with the many creatures her mother rescued and rehabilitated. Her personal favorite creature is the niffler or the owl, as her mother and father both helped multiple nifflers after finding them tangled up in muggle traps, and there were even a few whom they were incapable of relaseing, who became like household pets to Lux.

Lux's first use of accidental magic was when she was about 7. She remembers seeing her mother waving her wand to clean up the mess in the kitchen that had been made. Lux, who was sitting on the counter and helping feed a small hamster, chuckled and picked up her father's wand and did the same, making an even bigger mess of the kitchen. Her mother was so ecstatic that the mess was almost forgotten about until it came time for dinner.

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