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Depressed and CRAZY friends

Life hack: Carve a pumpkin to distract you from the fact that you're also a lifeless round object putting on a fake smile.

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We are the depressed best friends! Partners in crime as we drown in self hatred and donuts.

Our info:

Sarah Scamander
Nickname(s): River (Gotta ask) Forest (Gotta ask) Blueberry (List at end of backstory of who can call me it) Ribney (house elf friends <3) Sar (you know if you can call me it) Queen (ask) Warrior (Telek) And I have 1 more but that is specifically for 1 person only.
Appearance: Dark blonde hair; hazel eyes; light-ish skin; pointy elf (not house) ears.
Light-ish tan-ish skin
Age: 10-13
Personality: Basic, boring, sometimes happy, nice, caring, always there for you, only trusts certain people.
Personal account

J.J. Shaw, depressed angel
Nickname(s): J.J., Ghost Queen, angel, sugar
Looks: blood red hair (dyed), brown eyes, short
Date of birth: May 31st
Sexuality: BI-DERGIRL
Wtf is wrong with me: Pretty much everything but I have small panic attacks and mild depression.
I'm not doing personal account lmao sorry

River di Angelo (Angelina/Angie Varlett)
Nickname(s): Angie (Gotta ask), River (Everyone), Princess (ONLY 3 SPECIAL PEOPLE DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING TO CALL ME THAT)
Looks: Chestnut/Brown Hair, bright green eyes, sort of tanned, a few freckles
Date of Birth: Uh, no..sorry
Sexuality: Straight
What's wrong with me: Depression, Negativity, Panic Attacks
Personal account

Name: Sage Maiden
Nicknames: Sagie (anyone), Gigi (must ask first)
Looks: Midnight Black Long Hair, Brown Eyes, Tan
Relationship Status: Forever a Single Pringle
Date of Birth: April 23
What's wrong with me: Depression, Self Hate, Self Harm, Ashamed of my Body, Frequent Suicidal Thoughts
Personal account

Cinnamon Mylie
Nickname(s): Cinnamon (Anyone) CM (shared accounts) Cinny (Hazelbear) (Full list on personal account)
Sexuality: ???
Relationship: Single and happy
Appearance: Strawberry blond-ish hair, blue eyes, freckles
Light-ish tan-ish skin
Age: 13
Personality: Crazy once you get to know me, shy, wild, did I mention crazy?
Hobby's: Photography, art, writing, reading, horse riding

Likes: Blue, rose gold, Whataburger, animals
Dislikes: Trump (sorry to those of you who like him), bright pink, a-holes, b****es, meh ex, anything suicidal.

✰˩ιℓαc Ƨʏʏмραтιн✰
Full Name: Lilac Ashley Syympatih
Nicknames: Ash(anyone),Li-li(River di Angelo)
Age: 14
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: nice, gentle, weird-ish, cringey, overprotective, sweet, understanding, practical joker.
Mirror of Erised: SoCkS
Whats wrong with me: MEMESSS
Likes: roasting my exes, meh besties
Dislikes: being normal
Personal account

BTW, instead of cutting yourself write the name of someone who wants you to stop where you cut
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