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Alex Moretti
-Ruby (family)
-girrrrl (my GSA counselor)
-my bitch (Mya)
-Daddy (Ari<333)
-brown hair (short)
-brown eyes
gender: trans male. (he/him)
sexuality: pansexual
relationship status: Taken by my baby. <333
Faceclaim: Jungkook

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Personal account
Sarah Scamander
Nickname(s): River (Gotta ask) Forest (Gotta ask) Blueberry (List at end of backstory of who can call me it) Ribney (house elf friends <3) Sar (you know if you can call me it) Queen (ask) Warrior (Telek) And I have 1 more but that is specifically for 1 person only.
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: Dark blonde hair; hazel eyes; light-ish skin; pointy elf (not house) ears.
Light-ish tan-ish skin
Personality: Basic, boring, sometimes happy, nice, caring, always there for you, only trusts certain people.
FC: AnnaSophia Robb

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Elizabeth Kira
*Major dork* *E girl*
Personal account:
Looks: Chest length red/orange/brown hair (all natural) and a dyed purple underlayer, brown eyes, pale as heck, short (5'1), freckles
Female Faceclaim: Anna Kendrick

Male faceclaim: I has no clue lol

Gender: Questioning but mostly female
Pronouns: She/her he/him (just ask)
Birthday: December 3rd
Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual
Relationship status: Single ;)
Nicknames: Liz/Lizzy (ask first) Katniss (only Reid) Ellie (only Warren) Honey (only Avere) Liza (only Libby)
What's wrong with me? Depression, anxiety, anorexia, insomnia, social anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Sleep paralysis, night terrors, oh and epilepsy
Likes: Dogs, kitties, coffee, scary stuff (movies and books), nighttime, being alone, the stars/moon, friends (tv show), Tales of a new world by P.C Cast, Harry potter (ofc), percy jackson, umbrella academy, MCR, FOB, P!ATD, Billie Eilish, Green day, Rex orange county, NF, sub-urban, coloring/painting ect.
Dislikes: Most people, homophobes, racist people, people who disrespect women's rights, spiders, loud noises, annoying people, ect.
Oh, and I'm vegetarian hehe
Three words to describe me: (in progress)
Pretty, kind, reserved - Avere Coto
Nice, interesting, fun - Mylie Scamander
Fun, supportive, loving - Libby Rose
Theme song: Lund-Broken or Carousel-Melanie Martinez
RP info:

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Bianca di angelo
Personal account:
Lesbian, ghost, ghost blood
Grey eyes & light brown skin & short brown hair
Likes : Stars, midnight, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, art, art, art, the dark, the quote “Never trust someone who has not brought a book with them” Midnight blue and purple, being vegan, being alone, cats, lizards, my cat named lizard, cucumbers.
Dislikes: Spiders, people who are racists and destroy the earth, book burners, really sharp pencils
Birthday & death day: April 1st (death day) July 14 (birthday)

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Beatrix Malfoy/ Adrienne Beaulieu
*Huge dorm weeb potterhead and THEATER KID*
Personal Account~
Looks~ Dirty dirty blonde hair, Natural highlights, ends dirty blonde, just length blue green grey eyes. I dress very masculien. Black blue and rainbow, 5'1/2, I'm a vampire in skin tone, Lots and lots and lots of freckles
Gender ~questioning
Pronouns~ She/Her right now
Birthday~ Aug 9
Sexuality~ pansexual maybe polyamory
Nicknames~ Bea(everyone) Adri(everyone), Murder Sista/sister(temp), Em (Stel), Love bug (family) I wish I had more Nick names though
What's wrong with me~ terrible adhd and ad, depression, bipolar, anxiety, bullied, over weight, huge social anxiety, tree nut allergy
Likes~Books, Friends, Church, Disney, Youtube, Musicals, Acting, Modeling, Singing, Animals, School, Beanies, Music
Dislikes~Homophobes, Transphobes, JK Rowling, Bullies, racists, loud and weird noises, bad smells
Theme song ~ Whatever it takes~Imagine Dragons. I'm not fully sure if that's it
I want to do something cool like Elizabeth Kira did with the three word so if you got an idea owl my personal account
Face Claim:no clue. Need to find a better one though

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Name: Mylie Scamander
Nicknames: Mymy, Miles, Smiley, Smiley Mylie

Personal Account:

Looks: Blonde, wavy hair that goes to my collarbone; hazel eyes; circular glasses
Gender: Female (She/They)
Birthday: January 27th
Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual
Likes: Space, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Theater, Creepypasta, Anime, Hunger Games, Making/Listening to music, Band, Reading, Writing, Woodworking, Photography, Drawing
Dislikes: The dark, bugs, homophobes, transphobes, jump scares, racism, sexism

Other: Nyctophobic, athazagoraphobia, Anxiety, Slight Depression

Theme Song: I ship it (Parody by Not Literally) or Behind a Smile (By Matt Wertz)

Face Claim: Chloe Grace Moretz

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