Henrietta Tate (and ocs)

Student, Quidditch Master

Hey! I'm Henrietta Tate

  • Joined July 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 164 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


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Btw, before you read any further I think I need to mention


My name is Henrietta Tate. The sorting hat took a while to decide on either Hufflepuff or Slytherin, but eventually it figured I'd be a better fit for Slytherin. I play Seeker in quidditch and I was accepted onto the Slytherin team in my first year. I one day hope to be a professional and play for my favourite team, the Hollyhead Harpies. I have a kitten called Marie which my parents got me for my seventh birthday. My parents put a spell on her to make her stay a kitten forever and never grow older. She is named after my favourite muggle television program, The Aristocats. My best friend is a Gryffindor called Annabelle Embersand and Willow Purity from Hufflepuff.

Hair colour: Extreme blonde
Eye colour: Greyish silver
House: Slytherpuff
Patronus: Black swan
Boggart: Dogs
Zodiac sign: <be>

My Oc: (Hidden realms)
Name: Bella Rodriguez
Year of Birth: 2003 (don't know the exact date)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Realm: Daoimean
Profession: Junior Crystallographer, mainly studying crystals healing powers
Personality: Introverted, Smart, Helpful, but sometimes very clumsy
Nicknames: Belle (ask)

My Oc: (Werewolf pack)
Name: Rophine Fangchelle
Year of Birth: 2009 (don't know the exact date)
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Profession: Moon Pack member
Species: Werewolf x human
Personality: Easy to make friends with, good listener, smart, sometimes a bit of a control freak
Nicknames: Roffy (ask), Rophs (ask)


My Oc: (Quidditch Fellow)
Name: Sadie Wilson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Profession: Quidditch Fellow and Coach at Hogwarts
Personality: Great leader, good listener, very loyal, sometimes gets a bit moody
Nicknames: Sades (everyone)
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