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I was sorted into Ravenclaw because of my overwhelming creativity and curiosity about the world. However, I was a hatstall, with the hat being torn between Slytherin and Ravenclaw due to my drive to do and achieve what I want (usually some form of knowledge) no matter the cost. This allows me to get along really well with Slytherins that don't despise my muggleborn status.
I never let my blood status get in my way and if someone makes fun of it I will not hesitate to tell them off or even fight or duel them.

Im an only child and my mother is a single parent and is highly educated. She expects the same or a higher level of education from me. So, she thinks just because I'm at some wizard school doesn't mean I don't need to take the classes a teen at a muggle school would be taking. And I agree. So I can often be found reading muggle textbooks and doing muggle schoolwork. I do all my work on notebooks with mechanical pencils or ballpoint pens, I refuse to struggle with a quill and ink, much to the annoyance of the teachers. My favorite Hogwarts classes are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. I like them because they are practical and take skill. I struggle most in Potions because I have a hard time following specific instructions. Especially since I always want to experiment and try new techniques. With the work of two course loads I have time management problems often pull all-nighters and turn in work late.

After Hogwarts I want to go to college and become an engineer. I believe that through engineering I could create more understanding between the wizarding and muggle worlds, and make life easier for all people.
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