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won’t hesitate to end your bloodline ;)

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Name: Vela Themis Malfoy (vee-luh)

House: Slytherin

Blood Status: Pure-blood

Patronus: Dragon

Year: 5 (Hogwarts class of ‘23)

Family: Draco + Astoria Malfoy (parents), Scorpius Malfoy (twin brother)

Appearance: 5'8 and thin, with pale skin, black hair, dark grey eyes, and a tattoo of a snake on her left wrist

Special Abilities: Parseltounge, knife tricks and throwing

Mirror Of Erised: Astoria Malfoy (her mother-passed August 2019)

Boggart: Herself, sick and frail with bright blue veins shining through her almost translucent skin. This is the blood curse the Greengrass descendants suffer from (and Vela's mother)

Personality: Vela is extremely popular and feared by most students. She is aggressive, cunning, rebellious, and quite dangerous. Everyone knows to stay out of her way less they wish to be turned into a ferret (sorry dad)

Pet: Large black snake named Sypherious

Likes: playing quiditch for slytherin as the seeker, potions, DADA, getting drunk at The Three Broomsticks, finding secret passage ways, stirring up trouble, ghost stories, playing with/throwing her knife

Dislikes: Arrogant/ignorant people, most people in general

Vela; meaning vigilant. I've never thought my name describes me. How could I be vigilant? I EMBRACE danger. Pretty much welcome it with open arms. Merlin I'm so unlike my brother. Scorpius is kind and reserved and controlled. I'm nothing like him. Still my best friend, even though I'm the biggest pain in the ass. The "children of Voldemort" rumor is not true, but it's still 100% my fault. I mean, a former death eater has a child who speaks parseltounge and you expected nothing to come from that?? Dad has never blamed me for it though. Says it's his fault for being a death eater in the first place. Mum always told me I'm a duplicate of Draco in her body. I have mom's looks, but dad's personality. I've always been closer to him as well. I miss her quite a lot. This year has been hard without her, but I know we can move on. At school, people fear me. To be honest, I kind of like it. Gives me power. I do somewhat believe in the theory that there is no such thing as "good" and "bad", only power and those too weak to seek it. Just glad I'm not on the last end ;)
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