Parker, She/They/He (GenderFluid), Pan, Welcoming to all. Nice to meet you x

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Name: Parker
Age: 15
Gender: Genderfluid, my gender changed a lot.
Sexuality: Pan
Hobbies: Volunteering, reading, track, football (British), netball, writing, filming, editing, cosplay, and art.
Interests: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hamilton, StarKids, Most Musicals, Sander Sides, Marvel, Brooklyn 99, Girl in Red, Panic!, MCR, Evanescence, Twenty One Pilots, Cavetown, Dodie, Thomas Sanders, and a lot more.

I am very introverted but welcoming. I also have terrible anxiety problems, along with crippling depression. However, if anyone needs help, I'm here for you all.
However my internet is weak, so if I don't reply quickly that's why.

I'm a foster kid, with a lot of self-pressure. My foster home is not the best (why I have a lot of hobbies), but I'm luckier than others. I live in a foster home with other foster kids.
I am the only one witch at the foster home, thank god. If they were to come here life would never be quite for me.
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