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My favorite singer is Owl City and my favorite song is Up All Night. I’m always looking for friends so owl me or post on my wall if you want to talk!

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Hi, my name is Quinn. I guess I’ll start with my sorting...? I was a hat stall between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, it lasted around 8 minutes. I was finally sorted into Slytherin after what felt like forever. My favorite class is DADA, my least favorite class is... charms. I’m a pureblood, my family is from the U.S. but we moved to London when I was 5. All this prejudice about blood status, there wasn’t much of it in America. There are a lot of muggleborns in the U.S. and even though I barely remember living there, I still don’t believe a word of this “purebloods are better than anyone else” stuff. After I leave school I want to be a professor here at Hogwarts. I have a pet hedgehog named Goose (don’t ask) she’s really sweet. My mom is a Ravenclaw and my dad is a Slytherin. But, my mom can speak parsletongue and my dad’s a werewolf. I didn’t get anything from them though, I can’t speak parsletongue and I’m not a werewolf. I am an unregistered animagus though... my brother is a metamorphmagus.

My closest friends are:
Hazel Anderson
Kat Lumae
(That’s it... anyone wanna be friends?)
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