Ari Sommer

Ghost Student

Aleays carry chocolate. It's good againtst Dementors/low blood sugar. (Also it's just delicious.)

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My name is Ariana, but you can call me Ari. I was sorted into Ravenclaw - my whole family's been in Ravenclaw mind you - so I wasn't that surprised. I'd always been pretty popular, so I was sure I'd do good at Hogwarts, and I was right! I was top of my class and swarmed with friends. I had this really sweet cat - Lola - untill she died my second year. Ok, I'll admit, I wasn't always that nice. I gossiped and used magic to embaress other girls.. but it wasn't my fault! I needed to hold my spot at the top. But in my third year - oh man - I died. Actually died. It was awf.. well, actually, It wasn't bad. Chams class - this girl, oh what was her name.. eh. Doesn't matter. She was always tinkering around with spells. One wrong combonation and .. boom. I don't really remeber it. One of my surviving friends told me. So yeah - that's how I died. I stayed at Hogwarts, I mean, who wouldn't? I love helping people out with work and whatnot. It IS fun to scare first years. (giggle)

Wand: Cherry, 11 1/2 inches, Unicorn Hair core, swishy

Patronus: Mare

Pet: Cat, Lola, who died just before me! Now we haunt Hogwarts together

Friends: They're all dead now, but I love meeting living students!

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