Helena Abbott

2nd year Student

Hey y'all! I'm Helena, my mum's name is Hannah. i'm bilingual and i enjoy quidditch, Herbology, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Gobstones and fun!

  • Joined June 2020
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 98 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Mexico


I was born in tucson, Arizona to muggle parents, and I started muggle school at 4 yrs old. I was an only child for 4 years until my brother was born, and we became very close. 2 years later I got what I was hoping for, a little sister! Me and my siblings are very close, and most of the fights are between them. Then, i discovered the best book series in the world, HARRY POTTER! I am addicted to it, and in my muggle school, most of the school calls me “The Harry Potter Fanatic”. Then, I found out something that made me burst with joy, HOGWARTS IS HERE! I am taking Potions and Herbology. I continued muggle school so I’m not behind, and I do hogwarts courses digitally. In my free time, I like to watch quidditch, read and play muggle (or
No-Maj) games.
Blood status: Half-Blood (Muggle father, magical mother)
Patronus: Dolphin
Boggart: Minecraft Enderman
Wand: Silver lime wood, 12”, Dragon Heartstring, quite bendy in flexibility.
Fav Character: Ron or Hagrid
Animagus form: Lynx

☞︎My OCs☜︎
Name: Alexia Shacklebolt
Nickname: Lexi
Year: 6
Sexuality: Straight
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: Dark curly brown hair, Average height, Dark brown eyes.
Personality: Brave, Fast Learner, Cheery.
Likes: D. A. D. A., Duelling, Exploding Snap, Transfiguration.

Name: Jacob Amari
Nickname: Jacob or Jake
Year: 5
Sexuality: Straight
House: Hufflepuff
Appearance: Dark Brown hair, light blue eyes, taller than average.
Personality: Happy, Helpful, Optimistic.
Likes: Quidditch, Charms, Gobstones.

Name: Alexandra Carrow
Nickname: Alex
Year: 3
Sexuality: Lesbian
House: Slytherin
Appearance: Shoulder length, dark red hair. Long nose. Sallow and pale skin.
Personality: Talkative, Trustful, Cunning.
Likes: Astronomy, Duelling, Swimming.
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