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heyo, i'm micah:)
i'ts NOT an oc, i'm pretty much describing myself (the person behind the screen) haha

age: 17

non-binary (agender), they/them (he/him), bi & ace
out in rl?: partially, to some friends, will not come out to parents/family

relationship status: single

misha (russian nickname for mikael) rating: 9/10 (sounds better in russian)
mikael (russian version of micah) rating: 7/10
goblin (self-given nickname) rating 10/10
deadname (haha, not telling that one) -275384/10
kotik (a friend calls me that, it means kitty) rating: 4/10

appearance: dark-brown hair (with a bleached strain), brown eyes (i know, boring), 5'4 (i'am not smol, i'm average!)
style: mostly oversized clothes bcs of dysphoria;)

personality: ISFP, funny (i guess, idk, sometimes ppl laugh at my jokes), quiet, introverted, egoistic (a little haha), will tease you if i like you, pretty chill in general, can be childish (idk, i'm jumpy at times and idk how to behave like an adult, even though i'm turning 18 in november), very passive aggressive in company of ppl i dont like

zodiac signs: scorpio (sun), saggitarius (moon), cancer (ascendant)

languages i speak: english, russian, german (swissgerman) , italian and french (kinda)

the smell of wet asphalt
tea! (black tea with honey and lemon, or with mint)
my cat (animals in general)
when ppl are respecting my gender/pronouns
warm summer evenings (with friends) (and just warm weather in general
friends, who actually care about me (and who i care about haha)
dissociating (not as in i don't know who i am, where i am and what is happening, but as in reading a book/ fanfic, daydreaming about an other place/ life/ etc.)
...there's so much more, i'll add if i'll think of more things

ppl trying to control me
arguments, loud people, yelling/screaming people, loud noises, deep masc. voices
homophobic, transphobic & racist people
children (i don't hate them, they're just too overwhelming and hard to handle and i have enough of them in my life (
school! exams!
social anxiety! (uugh it sucks), dysphoria!, other mental shit
...there's more, but that's what i can think of right now

talking to ppl online
learning to play guitar (but eeh, i'm not good at it)
reading/watching stuff
idk,, thats all..

fandoms & ships:

harry potter (i've only watched the movies and read tonns of fanfiction, but i never read the books (i wasnt allowed as a child and don't want to now, cus i'm not supporting the author (like thanks for the characters and the universe, but thats all)))
ships in hp: wolfstar! drarry, pansmione, ... the list of the gay shipps goes on
fav characters: remus lupin!, draco malfoy...

she-ra (watched all episodes while quarantine, was very impressed with the amount of LGBTQ+ representation)
ships: the canon ones
fav characters: double trouble, glimmer, entrapta

carry on (read both books, was pretty epic)
ships: the canon ones
fav characters: idk.. baz

umbrella academy (aah, i'm so hyped for the second season!)
ships: none tbh
fav characters: KLAUS!!! he's so precious and he deserves the whole world, also five, we stan a sarcastic old, young man

the witcher (looove the atmosphere in the tv-series!, i didn't play the games)
ships: gerald x jaskier, but also gerald x the purple eye-lady (i cant remember her name, fuck!)
fav characters: jaskier! geralt

good omens (just an awesome tv-show, and i lovelovelovve the humor)
ships: you already know
fav characters: crowley, azirphale

lotr & hobbit (my childhood story/universe)
ships: haha none, but legolas & gimli
fav characters: legolas, frodo, sam

narnia (also childhood fandom)
ships: none
Fav characters: edmund pevensie

...there's more, but i cant remember:^)

lord of the flies (awesome book)
solaris (also a very good book)
looking for alaska (i liked it when i read it, but i was 15)
heartstopper (best graphic novel ever!!)
lotr (love it)

kill your darlings!
danish girl!!!
all the studio ghibli movies
summer wars (and other animes, made by mamoru hosoda)
fight club
i am not okay with this
feel good
fantastic beasts and where to find them (gosh, newt is such a cinnamon roll)

Hogwarts Universe:
house: slytherin
wand: cypress wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility
patronus: buzzard
animagus form: wolf

Insta: s.maarsa

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