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My parents were killed by Voldemort and left scars on me and fraternal twin Harry Potter. Yes that's us, the twins that lived. We were sent to our awful aunt and uncle's house and lived there for a while. Then we got our Hogwarts letters and were both placed into Gryffindor, where we met Ron and Hermonie. Some people call us "The Golden Quartet"

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing and walking in the rain. I'm pretty courageous and I like to cause mischief and I'm not afraid to stand up for myself and my friends. I'm also very protective of my brother .I don't take it lightly when Draco calls Hermonie a mudblood. I punched him and got in huge trouble with professor Snape. I am the Gryffindor chaser, so play quidditch with him.

Wand: 14 inches, cherry wood, and phoenix feather core. I often store it in my knee high sock, or in my hair

Patronus: ferret

Blood status: Half blood

Ethnicity: British/Irish

Favorite colors: black, scarlet, pastels

Pet: A small fluffy black cat named Wednesday. She has yellow eyes with green around the pupil and a small patch of white fur on her chest. She also likes to play with Crookshanks.

Appearance: Long medium brown hair that's usually messy and I have the same blue eyes as Harry. Pale, but slightly tan skin, and lightning bolt scar. I also resemble my mom a lot

Clothing: Oversized t-shirts, pastel colors, knee high socks, skirts, mom jeans, graphic tees, boots and converse can't decide on which style or aesthetic so it has a little bit of everything

Yule ball: light blue off the shoulder dress with a long flowing dress, and a sapphire pendant and golden butterfly combs in my hair.

Job: Potion’s professor

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