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I was born a half-blood in more ways than one. My dad is a Dutch Muggle whereas my mother is a French witch. I think my mother was mostly infatuated with my father's goofiness and my father enjoyed my mother's calm personality. It has definitely caused an interesting child to be born at least; Leo Wolff, a person who acts as a theatre kid but somehow manages to be a complete nerd as well. Which is also the best way to sum up our family, a weird eclectic bunch of people filled in a room and only one of them is actually a social butterfly (spoiler alert: it's me).

However, my half-blood status in both magical and national terms has left me questioning my identity more often than not. I have always felt in between of everything. A step in both the Muggle world - spending most of my leisure time doing Muggle activities - and the Wizarding world - you know, I am a wizard after all. Plus the clash between Dutch and French culture is not exactly helping.

Nonetheless, I have found friends along the way and I care about them deeply. I am hard-working and will stand by my friends no matter what. Maybe that's why I used to think I would be sorted into Hufflepuff. However, ever since the sorting hat instantly screamed out Gryffindor I have started to see how much I belong in my house. I value those with a fighting spirit and I myself love the thrill of facing fears head on - which is probably why I enjoy giving into my impulses more and being around people who get me out of my comfort zone.

I remember when that side of me became clearer. It was around the time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power. My very first instinct told me to protect as many people as possible, no matter the cost. No matter how terrified I was for myself and the people around me, I felt an obligation to fight. I now realise that my greatest strength is my perseverance, I don't give up easily. Even though, I have massive insecurities and always doubt myself. I really don't admit my strengths very often. My negative thinking often makes me focus more on my weaknesses such as my rigid nature (seriously if anyone messes up my schedule I will lose it and will be upset all day).

I suppose wanting to stand up for myself and others suggests that Defence Against the Dark Arts would definitely seem like the class for me. But for some reason I have found myself more fond of Charms. I enjoy the practical use it has and definitely helps me be more lazy. Transfiguration on the other hand is a class I do not enjoy. I do enjoy the science aspect of Potions - my mother being a Potioneer is definitely a great help as well - but I think Transfiguration takes it a step too far.

For some reason animals - may they be magical or not - and I can get along very well, so it's to no surprise that I enjoy Care of Magical Creatures too. That is why I have a pet cat, her name is Cleo and she is a Scottish Fold and an absolute sweetheart. She always likes to follow me around and we are inseparable.

I am not sure what I wish to do after I graduate Hogwarts. It all kind of comes back to that "in-between" dilemma I always find myself in: Do I wish to pursue a creative career in the Muggle world, becoming an artist and whatnot? Or do I wish to utilise my magical abilities for good, whatever career in the wizarding world may be out there for me. All I know is that I want to help people, may that be through using my Charms - both the magical and muggle kind if you catch my drift - to ease people's lives or to just make them forget about their worries for just one second.
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