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All houses are welcome here, feel free to discuss basically anything. Quidditch position is Keeper Best subjects are DADA and CoMC by far don't @ me

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Slytherin 5th year hatstall (five and a half minutes) between Ravenclaw. I have most of the traits for both houses, but Slytherin was the best fit for me personally. Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures are 100% the best subjects by far. Potions is eh cause it's just not that interesting. Herbology is also kind of boring. Pureblood but whatever, it doesn't matter to me, Voldemort killed all blood types, he never cared about purebloods, just saying. My creativity and ambition drive me to live, and I would be long dead without either of them. I procrastinate a lot, however, and anxiety is a big part of my life constantly :) I would love to become the Professor for Care of Magical Creatures after I graduate, so that would be fun. The most interesting part of magic is definitely the power the user has. No matter what, you will always be more powerful than at least one person, which is good to think about. Helping others isn't really my forte, since people suck, so I mainly use it for myself and people I hold very dearly to me, of course. If I'm being honest I really want to be able to go out and look nice with my friends constantly. I have one (1) dog, her name is Anne, and she's a lazy puppo, even though she's 10. She will always be a baby puppy. I also have a barn owl named Mouse. He is about three years old and he loves to hunt at night. We're not going to talk about my family because they're all basically dead to me anyways (or they're literally dead so-).
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