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First thing you got to do is follow me. I will follow you back! I am trying to get followers... ANYWAY! READ ON!
Name: Tsuki Nightwood
Age: 11, first year
Wand: 31cm, walnut, phoenix feather
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

I was sorted into Gryffindor, because my dead parents were in it, so was most of my family. I was a hatstall, because my family was mostly gryffindor, but had sparks of Ravenclaw. My favourite classes are: Potions, D.A.D.A, Transfiguation, Charms and basicaly most classes except History and Divination. I do well in all classes, but History gets on my nerves. I am a Half Blood. My mother was a muggle born witch, my father was a Pureblood. This blood status just means I am sometimes called a muggle born, when I am not. My parents were murdered by You- Know- Who, meaning I went to live with my cousin Amelia Moonshade and her parents. My siblings, Sakura and Hanako, also live at my aunt's. My family was all magic, and Amelia and my siblings were my age, so we went to Hogwarts together, getting both sorted into GRYFFINDOR!

My strengths are ignoring rude comments from Slytherins, Intelligence, Quidditch (I play Chaser), and most activities.
The only thing I am not good at is trusting people from other houses apart from Gryffindor. I would like to be an Auror when I graduate, and Ms. McGonnagal thinks I will be able to do it, as I have top marks in everything. (Odd that I didnt get put into Ravenclaw!)

To me magic is not exactly amazing, but for me its hope, a way out of problems. I use magic to help others. I would want to kill Voldemort, who killed the parents I never knew.

I have one snowy owl called Mist, one redwood owl called Spark and a silver tabby cat called Silverstream. Mist is an obedient and extremely well behaved owl, while Spark is energetic, a bit chaotic and exciting. Silverstream is the best cat anyone can have with her sweet nature and warm, fluffy fur.

My parents were in the Old Order of the Phoenix.
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