Lily May Stewart


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I was wandering through my neighbor's rose garden peacefully taking my time to admire the perfect petals, without a care in the world, oblivious to the commotion that was about to unravel.
"Lilyyyyyy!" His thunderous boom echoed through the trees.
"What Cedric?" I called back, wondering why my oldest brother was so frazzled on such a fine morning.
With a small sigh, I slowly started to trudge back, careful to avoid the thorns.
(skips to when she reaches the kitchen table)
I found that all my brothers took a seat around the table, there was one seat left. I sat down gently, smoothing the creases in my skirt, taking care not to expose anything.
"WHAT'S THIS!" Alvin slammed down a measly, crumpled envelope, with a bright red seal.
"M-my h-hog-warts l-e-tter" I replied in a small stuttery voice.
"You said you were a Squib, you were lying weren't you!" Steven responded in a snarl.
I knew I had been busted. I had lied because with my 3 mean Slytherin brothers, I really didn't want to go. I know that sounds weird but if I stayed home, I would only have to put up with their bullying, name-calling, and beating during the holidays. If I went, no matter how fun Hogwarts is, I would have to put up with them 24/7. In the end, Hogwarts can easily see past my lying and numerous persuasive letters on why I don't want to go. I'm a pure-blood with a Head boy in the family, What choice do I have?

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