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<font color=teal>Name:<font color=black>Lourenzo Philips Martin Morris
<font color=teal>Age:<font color=black>12
<font color=teal>Date of Birth:<font color=black>12/05/2009
<font color=teal>Blood:<font color=black>Pure Blood
<font color=teal>Place of Birth:<font color=black>Porto, Portugal
<font color=teal>Current Address:<font color=black>Street of the Magic Farms, Farm No. 3, Oxford, England

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<font color=teal> Grades <font color=black>

- <font color=teal>1st Year, 1st Semester<font color=black>
Astronomy: A
Charms: E
Defence Against the Dark Arts: A
Herbology: E
History of Magic: O
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

- <font color=teal>1st Year, 2st Semester<font color=black>
Astronomy: A
Defence Against the Dark Arts: A
Herbology: A
History of Magic: O
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

<font color=teal> ---------

<font color=teal> My History <font color=black>

I'm in Hogwarts' first year, so I'm 11. My family is from Oxford but I was born in Portugal because my parents decided not to get involved in the wars that took place here in England, so my parents decided to move to Portugal together with other magical friends in order to protect themselves. Meanwhile I returned to England a year after I was born, but my brothers and sisters went to Hogwarts even when they lived in Portugal.
I have 4 older brothers, 2 boys and 2 girls.
My favorite subject is History of Magic. My least favorite subject is Astronomy.

<font color=teal>My Family<font color=black>

My <font color=teal> mother <font color=black> works in magical medicine. She's a healer at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Illnesses and Wounds. She works on floor 5 (She is the boss of this floor), with patients who have severe behavioural damage, basically she works with wizards who have gone crazy. Her specialty is psychiatry. She's planning to open a magical psychiatric clinic in a magical town near Oxford. Regarding her education, after completing her studies in hogwarts, she went to study magical medicine at the Witch University of Spain, in the faculty of magical medicine.

My <font color=teal>father<font color=black> works in the ministry of magic. He studied in hogwarts and has always been interested in the history of magic. After finishing his studies in hogwarts, he went to study at Oxford Magic University, in the history of magic college. After that, he did a graduate course in magic law. Now, he works in the courts of the magical ministry, as a judge.

I have <font color=teal>four older brothers<font color=black> :
- The oldest is a boy, and he's in he started working in a magical hospital in Denmark as a healer. He's still choosing his specialty. He finished his Hogwarts studies seven years ago.
- The second oldest is a girl, and she is studying Transfiguration at the US International Transfiguration Study Center. She finished her studies at Hogwarts four years ago.
- The third oldest is also a girl. She left hogwarts this year and is in Australia studying Werewolves at the Australian Werewolf Institute.
- The brother closest to my age is a boy and he's in Hogwarts 6th Year. His favorite subject is DADA and he's very good at it. He also plays on the Hufflepuff Quadribol team.

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