Zadrian Gillow

The new Dark Wizard

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I used to be a cunning child with large ambition. At muggle school (which my parents, both Hufflepuffs, insisted I went to) There, I would intimidate all of the students, but since they're muggles who really cares? My parents weren't big fans of magic but they allowed me to go to Hogwarts anyway. I was sorted into Slytherin immediately once the sorting hat touched my head. I was a skilled student; one of the best. But i always kept to myself, so I didn't have to make friends that I knew would betray me once i led my path to the dark side. I was named both prefect, and head boy, which meant that I had a lot of power. I learned how to cast the patronus charm in only my 1st year, something unheard of by everyone in the wizarding world. My patronus was a rattlesnake, as it reflected my strong Slytherin Pride. My favorite color has always been bright green, so I was lucky to be sorted into Slytherin. During my days after Hogwarts, I disappeared, embarking on my journey to immortality. I wasn't seen for 4 years, and people started to forget I even existed. But there I was, standing on my parents doorstep, for years later, a now very capable dark wizard that had gained followers under the name of Zadianextrul. The NEW feared name.
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