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Despite being born in Argentina, my family decided to move to the UK so I could attend the best school for wizards and witches in the world! When I got there, and the Sorting Hat placed me in Slytherin, I wasn't really shocked... I had a feeling that I belonged there. Right now I'm in my sixth year at Hogwarts.
I come from a pureblood family, but my family is not obsessed with blood status. My favourite class is DADA, as I really enjoy dynamic classes than having to read all day (which I don't mind at all if it's not school related)! I also like CoMC, Potions and Astronomy because of all the hands on work (well... not so much with the last one). Or as I call it “hands-off-the-quill-work.” When I’m not studying you can probably find me playing Quidditch or chatting with friends by The Great Lake.
I have an Owl ("Teddy") as a pet but, also, at home I have a cat called "Jemima"!
I have a close group of friends in Slytherin but I'm also friends with people form other houses, like the Weasley Twins (which tends to earns me ugly comments form some housemates that I ignore(ejem... Draco Malfoy and company, even though they are 2 years younger). As you probably guess, when I'm with the twins we're complete chaos. I actually spend part of my summers at their house! At first, their family was a bit distrustful about me, but then they all warmed up to me and Molly is like an aunt to me now!
Recently I've been giving some thoughts to what I'll do after I leave Hogwarts (which I'm not really excited about), and I think that I'll work at the Ministry of Magic in the Education Department or a Charms teacher (I'd say DADA teacher but we all know that it's not so wise to do that).
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