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“Being different isn't a bad thing. It means that you are brave enough to be yourself.” ― Luna Lovegood

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Hi, hello, hey, welcome to my backstory!

</size> <font color=black>OC's

<font color=green>Kate Bennett:

<font size= 3></size><font color=black>Pronouns: she/her
House: Hufflepuff
Sexuality: pansexual
Appearance: hazel eyes, brown shoulder length hair.
Traits: sweet to everyone, isn't mean or sarcastic often.
Love interest: Harry Potter (can change depending on the roleplay)
Status: pureblood

Picture inspo:

(@ madisonbaileybabe on instagram)

<font color=green> <font size= 4></size>Pansy Lewis:

<font color=black> <font size= 3></size>Pronouns: she/her
House: Gryffindor
Sexuality: bisexual
Appearance: brown/green eyes, white blonde shoulder length hair.
Traits: VERY sassy and sarcastic, nice to people she likes, skips class.
Love interest: Ron Weasley or Ginny Weasley.
Status: muggleborn

Picture inspo:

(@ lorelei.jeanine on instagram)

<font color=green><font size= 4></size> Roleplaying
<font size= 3></size><font color=black>Owl me if you want to roleplay! (i love romance roleplays)

<font color=green> <font size= 4></size>Some rules :)
<font color=black><font size= 3></size>-Don't ghost me
-Don't control my character
-Use quotation marks when your character says something

<font size= 4></size>Ships i like:
<font color=black><font size= 3></size>Drarry

<font color=green><font size= 4></size>Things about me!:
<font color=black><font size= 3></size> -I'm learning how to skateboard
-I'm from Belgium
-I want to become an actress
-I'm bisexual!

<font color=green><font size= 5></size> Thanks for reading through my whole backstory!<3

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