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My name is Vincent Chopin Purcell.
I was born January 18th, 1995 in Northampton alongside my twin brother, Felix Vaughn Purcell, to parents Clara Strozzi and Jean Purcell.

Early in life, my brother and I were raised just as anyone else, magic or otherwise. Both of our parents come from a long line of wizard families, though my mother's mother was a muggle who cared little for the magical world- though she did so love my grandfather.
My parents sent us to Crescarc preparatory academy, which could fare just as well as a normal muggle school -teaching basic arithmetic, English language, science, history, and the like- while also functioning secretly for decades as a magic-friendly school well known to witches and wizards of the surrounding area. There were certain professors who were comfortable and more acquainted to magical folk, while also able to keep our secrets with trust. I'll never forget how kind Mr. Hobbs was in helping me clean the section of our library which I had inadvertently caused to drop all the books on the floor. I was eager to obtain a book that was well out of my reach, and somehow I did get the book to come to me- at the price of bringing every other book on the shelf with it. Mr. Hobbs was around the corner and came to help me start putting the books away, telling the librarian that I had accidentally knocked the shelf by running into it.

I had always cared greatly for academic integrity, and wanted us to learn as much as I could from a young age. I was especially eager to attend the legendary Hogwarts, and spent almost every day fantasizing on what it would be like!
My brother Felix on the other hand, never cared as much about the learning aspects of her teachings. He obsessed in admiration for the "great" wizards and witches from my parent's past, as well as throughout history. He spent his years in prep school complaining about the mundanity of muggle school, and spent so much time daydreaming of greatness that his grades seemed to suffer most of the time.

I had a pleasant time learning the core school subjects, but more than anything what I loved and will miss the most, is music. I heard Hogwarts only has opportunities for choral music... but I suppose time will tell.
My father is actually a direct descendant of the great Henry Purcell, so too are my Brother and I! It is an understatement to say that music runs in the family, and each of us always favored our own particular instruments. My Father could play almost any wind instrument, but primarily played euphonium. Mother was taught piano by her parents- but didn't play for several years until she met my father who bought her one, which she now plays daily. Felix excels at anything Percussive, being an absolute percussion prodigy even from early years of banging rhythms on the table, and I myself play both the oboe and cello.
Even the great Albus Dumbledore once claimed music "a magic beyond all [we do] here" at Hogwarts!

after finishing my 5th year at Crescarc Prep, Felix and I received our Hogwarts letters, and I finally felt the pride and excitement that I had so longingly awaited.

My parents took my brother and I down to kings cross and we had a great time navigating to platform 9/3 and boarding the Hogwarts express.

We arrived at Hogwarts, which was somehow more grandiose and wondrous than I had even fantasized it to be, and were sorted- myself into Ravenclaw, and my brother into Slytherin. (guess that means my father had predicted us both correctly, but my mother had expected me to be in Hufflepuff)
In my parents' time at Hogwarts, My father was in Ravenclaw and my mother was in Hufflepuff, so Felix was the first in our extensive lineage to be sorted into Slytherin, which makes sense considering his sheer determination, talent, and ambition. I wasn't worried that he would be upset about this though, because my father had told him many times that Slytherin is a house of greatness and if he were sorted into it that he'll have unlimited potential for success in life. That said, Felix seemed excited to be sorted as such.
I had figured I would be placed in Ravenclaw, and while I'm not surprised at all, I am eager to begin classes: reading and learning until my brain goes numb!

Here's to a great first year!

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