Aiden Thomas Noir-Wolfe

Rumored canine, certified dolt

Howdy hey, I'm Aiden (although I suppose you could also call me Blue) I'm always down to rp and I'm currently looking for friends so feel free to dm!

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Aiden Thomas Noir-Wolfe is your average oddball Ravenclaw.
Great at things that interested him (read as: flying, dueling, potions -the theoretical part- and defense against the dark arts), rubbish in everything else. Eccentric and withdrawn, amazing at deflecting (in both dueling and in conversation) and always willing to poke their nose into everything. He has an insatiable hunger for knowledge that has landed him in many-a detention so far.
The so called "perfect heir" of his pureblood father's lineage and his halfblood mother's research into magical healing. (Little known fact is that he actually despises both topics and plans to become a wandmaker just to spite them.)
With some of his odd behavioral patters (read as: collects animal bones and runs around the secret passageways of Hogwarts after curfew for fun. ) and him distancing himself from even his dormmates, a whole plethora of rumors have sprung up about the Ravenclaw over the year from some mildly inaccurate (such as the classic "he's actually not a real student just an odd hallucination") and silly ("he's actually having tea with one of the professors on the regular") to some frighteningly accurate.
"I heard he's secretly a werewolf." was the one to cause the most discomfort from this aloof pokerfaced boy. "It makes sense when you think about it! He disappears once a month, dogs freak out when he's near, has odd scars, runs startlingly fast and his name is literally *Wolf* for Pete's sake!"
He plans to keep mostly to himself until graduation and meticulously hide every single skeleton (both metaphorical and often times literal) inside of his closet.

Wand info: sycamore, dragon heartstring, 11", hard.
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