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I just published many books in the library! To check them out, click 'Library Search' and type, 'Annabeth Katniss Potter!'' I hope you enjoy it!

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HIH name: Annabeth Katniss Potter (Mix between Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter)

Wand: Holly, 3/4", Pheonix Feather Core, Nice and Flexable

Patronus: Owl

Pets: Niffler (Lumos),

Fave Spell: Wingartium Leviosa

Usual Appearance: Red Hair, Green Eyes

Age: Confidential

Animagus Form: Owl

House: Gryffinclaw (a cross between Griffindor and Ravenclaw, but I'm mostly a Gryffindor)

Usual Homework/essay grade: 100%

Hobbies: Reading, reading, reading, writing, reading, and crafts.

Blood Status: PROUD Muggle-born

Relationship Status: I'm single

Fun Facts: I'm a Parsoltounge, REALLY tall for my age, and a Metamorphamagus

Personality: Brave, smart, funny, loving, protective

How I became a ghost: My parents study extremely dangerous magical creatures. Mainly dragons. When Mum and Dad asked me to help with Starburst (our Hungarian Horntail) she got scared and bucked me off. We probably shouldn't have done this by the cliffs edge. I bet you can guess what happened. Starburst's back was turned toward the cliff. My grip wasn't tight enough, so I fell into the ocean and hit my head on a rock. That was the last of my body. I still have classes, so you can sometimes see me floating to Charms etc.


PS thanks for my aesthetics Cassandra Scamander and Co.!

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