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~~It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live~~

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~How My Parents Met~
Cyrus and Elara Davis met in the lovely small town of Springfield, Kentucky when Elara was traveling to find new stories to add to the Metro newspaper as she was a journalist. Unlike some of her companions, Elara was passionate and empathetic to her customers and she didn't like to write lies as her colleagues did. She always wrote the truth which was something that fueled some arguments between her and her coworkers, but it was always put aside at the end. Anyway, Cyrus was working as a high school teacher who taught History and he was loved by his pupils & his staff members. Cyrus and Elara strayed into each other's paths when Elara accidentally crashed her car into his when backing out of a gas station.

After imploring that she will help him pay for it to be repaired, they soon got to talking with each other and over time fell in love. And so, they were engaged and got married in a nice, little church with all of their relatives in attendance. Afterward, they had their honeymoon in Thailand and moved on to live in London, England where Elara was originally born and began their new life together.

~My Birth~
It wasn't long before Cyrus and Elara found out they were pregnant with their first child, Selene, who they named after the Titan moon goddess since they had unique names as well. Selene had her father's brown eyes and hair, but she had her mother's nose which Cyrus liked to point out and boop every chance he gets. Selene was a healthy baby and continued to live happily with her mother & father every year.

~My First Magical Experience~
When Selene was about five years old, just when she was starting primary school, she saw a little boy being bullied by some of her classmates after school. Really angry, Selene ended up making boils appear on their faces. Surprised at what just happened, Selene went home to her parents and told them all about it. This was a shock to both parents and they would continue to have surprises like this until the day Selene turned eleven.

~My Hogwarts Letter~
When Selene's birthday came up, she never expected to have a strange person visit her home while her parents were singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She had just blown the candles when the door knocked and Cyrus went to open it and a man dressed in a ruby red cloak introduced himself as Professor Neville Longbottom and that he was a wizard who taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. After explaining all about the magical world, Professor Longbottom gave Selene her Hogwarts letter and after reading it through with her parents, she immediately begged them to let her go. After taking some careful consideration, with some guidance from Professor Longbottom, they allowed Selene to attend Hogwarts and she became the happiest girl in existence.

~The Trip to Diagon Alley~
It was a few months after Professor Longbottom's visit that Selene got more comfortable with being a witch, but she had to wait until around the end of the summer before she was able to go to Diagon Alley as her birthday was around the beginning of the year and the shops don't bring out the school supplies until school starts in the fall. So, with Professor Longbottom accompanying them, they made their way in downtown London and found themselves at the Leaky Cauldron, and they went around the back. When they came face to face with the brick wall, Professor Longbottom brought out his wand and tapped it three times. Selene watched amazed with her parents as the brick wall began to move and zoom out to show the magical street of Diagon Alley.

Before Selene had a chance to run to the nearest shop, Professor Longbottom guided them to Gringotts where they exchanged their Muggle money for Wizard money and placed some into an available vault which was Vault 113. Soon after, they visited the many shops to buy Selene's school supplies as well getting her a male tabby cat that she named Solar. Lastly, they went into Ollivanders to buy her wand. After greeting Mr. Ollivander, they went to find her the perfect wand and after many, many attempts, Selene finally found the perfect wand for her: Laurel & Peacock Feather, 10.5 inches. She swished it and the flowers in a vase nearby had blossomed. After paying and thanking Mr. Ollivander for his time, Selene and her parents bade goodbye to Professor Longbottom and made their way back home.

~The Trip on the Hogwarts Express~
When September 1 finally arrived, Selene was bursting with excitement and packed all of her things before she and her parents hopped into the car with her belongings and drove to King's Cross Station. They put Selene's things in a trolley and pushed it along as they searched for Platform Nine and Three Quarters. After they finally found it, they saw as a family of witches and wizards ran at the wall between platforms nine and ten and disappeared completely. Stunned, they asked them if they were supposed to do that and clarifying that they should, they did, but hesitantly.

Once they ran through, they saw the Hogwarts Express and Selene had never seen anything so amazing. After a few moments of staring, her parents ushered her onto the train and helped put her luggage in a spare compartment along with Solar in his cage before they got off and Selene said goodbye to her parents, hugging them with a smile. The train tooted a horn signifying its departure and Selene hopped on the train, waved goodbye to her parents through the window before they disappeared around the corner. During the ride, Selene sat by herself and ate some Chocolate Frogs with a book in her hands and Solar curled up at her side while also watching the view of the landscape pass by.

~Experiences at the School or on Holidays~
Once Selene arrived at Hogwarts in her black robes, she stared starstruck at the sight of the castle as she was strolling by on the Black Lake with the other First Years and Hagrid, the Gameskeeper. While waiting to be sorted, Selene stood nervously looking around the chamber and seeing the ghosts that swished by. Once she saw Professor Longbottom again to bring them to be sorted, she took a deep breath and walked into the Great Hall with the other first years, awestruck at the magical ceiling while also ignoring the many older students staring at them. After the introductions were done and over with, Selene waited for her name to be called and once it did, she walked up nervously to the stool and sat on it with the hat put over her head. It wasn't long before the Hat declared her a Ravenclaw and she strode to the Ravenclaw table, accepting the handshakes and blushing at the cheers they were giving her. Selene was happy to finally be here at Hogwarts, her new home.
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