House: Slytherin Patronus: Mountain Hare Wand: Pine Wood with a Dragon Heartstring Core, 10 1/4", Supple Flexibility

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My House: Slytherin
My Patronus: Mountain Hare
My Wand: Pine Wood with a Dragon Heartstring Core, 10 1/4", Supple Flexibility.
As a Hogwarts student, the sorting hat decided immediately that I am a Slytherin, and rightly so, I'm extremely proud of this despite what others may think about me. Whilst in Hogwarts, I am taking all the first-year classes. As previously stated I am a pure-blood and proud, I don't look down upon muggles, in fact, I have friends who are. But I am very proud of my staus and would never change it. When Voldemort ~ Yes I said his name~ came, I was in the UK, I was at my family home at the time with my parents and sibling, My cousins who I rarely see were affiliated with Voldemort and so, I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible but in the end, I did get caught up in a few duels here and there, which I definitely almost always won.. I would say I very skilled at occulemency and I have a great strength of legillimens also, which can be rare for some witches to have, but with enough strength and power, it is possible. My greatest weakness is, surprise surprise, failure, maybe not so much on the academical side of things, but just in life, I don't want to be a failure of a daughter, someday wife or mother. After school I am planning to go either into muggle theatrics, I hear that is a good profession in the muggle world, or to become an Auror in the Wizarding World. I truly believe the most fascinating aspect of magic is that it's beautiful and also dangerous, you can do good with it or bad depending on what you choose for it, it also can be a surprise when using a silent spell or a jinx that the person doesn't see coming. My personal favour of magic is whatever I please if I have a friend who needs help, I will help with the magic, however, if someone needs a good telling off, I won't hesitate to hex them. What do I really want? does anyone ever really know, one day you may want one thing, and then wake up the next morning and want another. and what happens when you get the thing you want, where do you go from there. As for family, I have a pet cat, her name is KitKat, she is quite clumsy and very cute, I would describe her as the Hufflepuff version of myself if I were to ever find myself in that... situation. My family, well you see its rather small, you'd think to be a pureblood who has relatives associated with Voldemort, my family would be big, much like the Malfoys', but no, my family consists mainly of Me, my sister who is a Gryffindor, and my parents who were both also in Gryffindor, therefore as you tell, I am the 'black sheep' of the family as some would put it, meaning that we do sometimes clash and it can be hard to get along. Anyway, there you go, that's me done for my 'backstory', have a nice day.

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