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My name is Kahla, I’m from Slytherin and I’m pure blood, my family and I had a lot of problems with that, my father was a death eater when the war ended he tried to redeem himself with the ministry, he’s doing volunteer work, but many think that my brother and I agree with his ideology.
my favorite subject is the defense against the dark arts, my brother is from Gryffindor and it was a great conflict at home, since my mother is a lufan and my father is Slytherin and I am Slytherin. I have a pet snake called Lisss, as my brother Lên and I share the same owl, there are always problems and teachers need to interfere. I don't like Quidditch, but I always have to go because my best friends are on the Slytherin team and my brother is the Gryffindor goalkeeper.
Lisss, although she is a snake she is very shy, she is terrified of my friends and I always have to look for her at the end of the night because she hides whenever someone enters the dorms, I think I never had any doubts about being Slytherin, I am ambitious and rarely admit it when I am wrong, and that must be why Len and I cannot stand it since he has in his mind that Gryffindor is the best. I have always loved the principles of magic and I think that when I finish my years at hogwarts, I will be a teacher. One thing I hate most is herbology, I have a lot of difficulty and I always have to end up asking for help from my brother and his friends.
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