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Don't worry, I am still Leonie-my account wasn't working, so i made a new one!

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~Leonie Scamander~

Parents: Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein
Hair colour: Dirty ginger
Eye colour: Greyish blue
Patronus: Salamander
House: Hufflepuff :3
Looks like/usually wears: long coat, black leggings, knitted grey turtleneck sweatshirt, wings(eyeliner), a bow(Was Newt's, but turned it into just a bow), and a bronze necklace.

Looks a lot like her dad, is a lot like her dad, and has the same love for magical creatures, just like her dad -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

~Sally Lockett~

Hair colour: Red/brown
Eye colour: green
Patronus: Jack rabbit
House: Ravenclaw
Relationship/spouse:Single, none
Sibling: Fire Phoenix(Sister)
Looks like/usually wears: white knitted turtleneck sweatshirt, bleached jeans, Blue diamond earrings, and Harry Potter glasses.
Personality: Unknown for now...

~El Scamander/Malfoy~

Hair colour: Blue, brown, golden, and blonde-mermaid curls(curls at the bottom)
Eye colour: Deep blue
Patronus: black widow
House: Slytherin/Gryffindor
Relationship/Spouse: Single, none
Looks like/usually wears: badass outfit~ black crop-top, black leather jacket, black ripped jeans, one black cross earring, chain on jeans, black kicks and a spade under her right eye. Casual~ grey crop top, bleached jean shorts, white kicks, spade under right eye.

~Kelly Blacket~

Hair colour: Platinum blonde
Eye colour: light/pastel blue
Patronus: Snow leopard
House: Slytherin
Relationship/spouse: Single, none
Flavour: Salt
Card house: Diamond
Looks like/wears: White button tee, Slytherin tie, green checkered skirt, fishnet stockings, and dress shoes.
FC: Maggie Bunzyna

~Caleb Swale~

Hair colour: dirty blonde
Eye colour: Honey yellow
Patronus: Sunflower wolf
House: Hufflepuff
Relationship/spouse: Single, none
Flavour: Refreshing
Looks like/Wears: yellow hoodie, slightly ripped jeans, and black sneakers.

~Vick Larder~

Hair colour: Honey
Eye colour: pastel blue
Patronus: Golden Labrador
House: Gryffindor
Relationship/spouse: Single, none
Flavour: plain/bland
looks like/wears: light blue checkered shirt, denim jacket, jean shorts, and white hi-top kicks.

~Penelophe phale~

(daughter of Persephone)
Hair colour: Dirty blonde
eye colour: maroon/red
Patronus: black ram/dog
relationship/spouse: single, none
flavour: cinnamon/spice
looks like/wears: bleach jean shorts, black shirt(right sleeve falling down), grey kicks. hawt AF!

~Muriel Morningstar~

(Lucifer's daughter)
Hair colour: Black/dark brown
Eye colour: brown/hazel
Patronus: leopard
Relationship/spouse:Single, none
flavour: cinnamon/spice
looks like/wears: fishnet stockings, dark grey skirt, black long-sleeve shirt, black high-heels.

~Kiki Kali~

(Daughter of Kali)
Hair colour: Black-blonde
Eye colour: grey
Patronus: Black tiger
flavour: Spice
Looks like/wears: dark denim skirt, black spaghetti strap shirt, purple checkered jacket, and black runners.


(Daughter of Hela and Loki//goddess of death and god of mischief//)
Hair colour: Platinum blonde
Eye colour: Dark grey
Patronus: Turritopsis dohrnii(immortal jellyfish)
Flavour: Poison/toxic
Looks like/wears: All black(but it's cute and sexy)

~Ambri Rosse~

(daughter of Ambrosia//goddess of foods and drinks//)
Hair colour: orange/red
Eye colour: green/yellow
Patronus: Lynx
flavour: all
Looks like/wears: Avocado sweatshirt, ripped bleached jeans, white powerade logo shoes.


Goddess of: Technology and Power(slyness and strength)
Hair colour: platinum blonde with electric blue tips
Eye colour: electric blue
Patronus; Flower urchin
Powers: can hack into anything, controls lights, sly, illusions, and floating.
Wears: electric blue and white leather jacket, light blue crop-top, bleached ripped jeans, and pastel blue high leather boots.

~Mel Wheeler~

(daughter of Eleven and Mike)
Hair colour: curly dirty blonde
Eye colour: hazel
Patronus: Sun bear(Yes, it's real)
Powers: teleportation, change of mind, mind reading, and duplicating things.
Wears: light denim overalls(short, not long), a neon yellow shirt, her mother's bracelet, yellow choker with a purple diamond hanging from it, and some black checkered Vans.


(Daughter of the Sun, Moon and Venus)
Hair colour: Dark ginger
Eye colour: Aquamarine(Teal)
Patronus: Moon bear(Sloth bear)
Powers: unknown for now...
Wears: Black tube crop-top, black belt, bleached ripped jean shorts, yellow/copper crescent necklace, and yellow fishnet stockings.
~More coming soon!~
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