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~Kimberly Haley~ (PREFECT) (Griffindor)
Daughter of Kelvin and Sally Haley
Age: 16
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: Shoulder-length
Hair style: Unusually straight
Eye colour: Hazel
Patronus: A husky
Boggart: Her family member's corpses
Other: Has thin lips
Likes anything from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade and enjoys butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks.

~Emily Zester~ (Griffindor)
Daughter of Michael and Rachel Zester
Age: 11
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: Medium-length
Hair style: Wavy
Eye colour: Black
Animagus: A white pony
Patronus: A white pony
Boggart: Her cat, Daisy, dead
Other: Has some freckles
Likes to play with her pet cat, Daisy, and enjoys reading

~Annie Sin~ (Slytherin)
Daughter of Harold and Daisy Sin
Age: 13
Hair colour: Reddish-brown
Hair length: Waist-length
Hair style: Straight with curls at the ends
Eye colour: Green
Patronus: Tabby cat
Boggart: Her broom lying broken on the floor
Broom: Firebolt 18
Other: Has lots of freckles
Likes flying and playing Quidditch

~June Harvey~ (Hufflepuff)
Daughter of Anthony and Becka Harvey
Age: 13
Hair colour: Hazel-blonde
Hair length: Medium-length
Hair style: Straight with curved ends
Eye colour: Blue
Patronus: A Winter White Dwarf Hamster
Boggart: Lord Voldermort
Others: Has a birthmark on the right arm
Likes to hang out with her best friend, Annie Sin.

~Amy Rundolf~ (Ravenclaw)
Daughter of Davies and Anne Rundolf
Age: 15
Hair colour: Dark brown
Hair length: Shoulder-length
Hair style: Very wavy but likes to iron it straight
Eye colour: Pale green
Patronus: A Golden Retriever
Boggart: A Banshee
Others: Has one dimple on the left side of her face
Likes to test every single Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans she can get her hands on

~Loretta Charles~ (PREFECT) (Ravenclaw)
Daughter of Jim and Jovial Charles
Age: 17
Hair colour: Dirty-blonde
Hair length: Short
Hair style: A short but smooth and silvery bob
Eye colour: Blue
Patronus: A bunny
Boggart: A giant snake
Others: Has light freckles
Likes to play tag on broom and sneak up on her friends with her invisibility cloak
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