Antonio Sinclair

Aspiring Auror

What's the most important step a man can take? Always the next one.

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  • United States


Coming to Hogwarts has been the most unexpected surprise of my life. I originally grew up on the east coast of America, and was set to attend Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, before new opportunities arose. Due to extraordinary familial circumstances, some of which I have decided to uncover, I have come to fulfill my education at Hogwarts, and learn in one of the most renowned schools of magic. I am aspiring to be an Auror for either the British Ministry of Magic, Or the Magical Congress of the United States of America. I am incredibly excited to learn all sorts of magic, and begin my extensive training. My favorite class is either DADA or Charms. I'm also a bit fascinated (if a little worried) about potions. I cannot wait to meet new people and begin this incredible journey.

House: Ravenclaw

Blood status: Unknown

Patronus: Peacock

Pet: Khonsu, a baby owl. She is a deep silvery color, and her feathers glitter against the moonlight. Her face and underbelly are a snowy white color, And her eyes are crystal blue. Shes very mischevious, and is only a year old.

Wand: Alder wood, phoenix feather core, 10" and slightly springy flexibility
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