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Hi! I'm Alina (my HP name) I love books and dance. I enjoy a good read or study, if you have any questions about HP or HIH, I'll be happy to help!

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{younger student}

This was written by Hermione777, I did not write any of this story at all! You can check out her books at the library if you search Hermione777 into the search bar. Check it out! Her writing is really good.

“Oh! I have no idea how! I don’t like it, Mum! It’s unnatural!” Alina moaned, looking down at her hands. Her mom looked up and shrugged.
“What IS it?” Alina whined, looking at the floor in desperation.
“You’ll see in due time.” Alina’s mom shared a look with her daughter.
“Fine! Fine.” Alina calmed down and, mind churning, left for her room.

“I suppose now is the time.” Alina’s mom sighed, two months later. She looked at the primrose that Alina had turned into a fat toad in anger.
“Time? For what?” Alina asked warily.
“To tell you why you do all this.” Alina’s mom gestured at the toad.
“O-kay.” Alina said nervously, holding her breath.
“It’s magic.” Alina’s mom said in a rush.
Alina screamed, waving her hands. “No! No, no no! Magic doesn’t exist! It will kill us!”

For months after that, Alina was afraid of getting angry or happy, afraid of her hands, and terrified of even her mom! She would keep a distance from most people and hide in the closet, taking deep, calming breaths whenever she got the slightest bit irritated.
“This is no way to live, afraid and hiding! You might as well be an obscurus after this! Don’t hide your magic - be proud of it. Yes, wary, but proud!” Were her mom’s soothing words. To no effect. She would just wriggle deeper into the closet.

One day, her mother slipped a set of ragged old books into Alina’s room while she was sleeping. The next morning, Alina shrugged and picked one up, starting to read. That whole day she spent reading those tattered books labeled Harry Potter. That night, she came down for dinner and walked over to her mom. Her dad looked on, confused, as Alina bent down and whispered
“I can’t wait for my eleventh birthday.”

From that day on, Alina was waiting with desperation for her Hogwarts acceptance letter, and on that fateful day, she was so happy that she shot sparks out of her hands. To celebrate, she ate a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to see what her first taste of magic would be like. The answer was: DISGUSTING! Alina’s mom laughed.
“According to your face, Alina, you got earthworm.” Alina’s mom nodded and laughed.
“How did you guess?” Alina spat.

A couple months later, she boarded the Hogwarts Express.

Here are some really cool groups, if you stuck on where to go.

- The Ravenclaw common room -
This is a place to talk to your fellow Ravenclaws and teachers! You can do roleplays, study and share basically anything!
:> I strongly recommend this group because it is a great place to socialize and make friends.

- Advertising group -
This is a group to advertise anything you want, and you won't have to annoy people to do it. :> You can also go there
when your bored and find some really fun groups and books to read.

- H.I.H.A.P (Hogwarts Is Here Awareness Program) -
This group is for when you are feeling down, you can tell someone and won't get judged for it, any negative
comments will be deleted (but there have been none so far :>) people can talk to you and share things to make you
feel better.

- Glealand -
This is a hidden magic land where you can be a Sorcerer, Mermaid, Shapeshifter, Oracle, Fairy, or an Elf! I recommend
this one because it is really fun!

- HiH Newspaper Club -
This is a group where you can contribute in the making of a newspaper, you can ba an editor, advertizer, writer, you can
write short stories, draw comics, and more cool applications!

- Harry Potter art group -
This is a place where you can post your Harry Potter art, or just share art you have seen :>

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