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I am a current student here at Hogwarts. I was sorted into Gryffindor when I was 11. This came as not a huge surprise to my family as my father is also a Gryffindor which I do take some traits after. My sister and Mother on the other hand are Slytherin which we did for a moment believe I would be in that house. I am attending school with James Sirius Potter who is in my year. Normally I wouldn't bring this up because he is the son of "The Chosen One", but I thought it would be important because we have been friends since I got to the school. Once we realized that our parents had gone to school together and that Harry was working along side my mother as an Auror we became very close. Our families were always mingling. I am a current 5th year. I am also a pureblood. People like to assume things about my family, but in all honesty we support muggle born and I frequently stand up for them at school because I don't see anything wrong with them. I have a long line of strong witches and wizards who are pureblood, but unknown to me now my sister will marry a muggle born when she is older and I will marry a half-blood. We will be the first in our families to marry someone who "isn't pure". My relatives (aunts, uncles, grandparents) do like to make jokes, but I don't find them very funny. I do have one pet. She is a calico cat named Prada that I received by accident when she got left behind by her old owners. My family frequently has arguments about moral values with certain subjects (especially blood type), but we all get along and I love all of my friends at Hogwarts. I am an extrovert and I hope to move onto more of a job into the entertainment business as I love magic, but I my passion is the arts.

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