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I'm the son of Kingsley Shacklebolt, yeah THAT Kingsley. There's a reason no one knew, he claims it's because of the Wizarding Wars to keep me and my mother safe. All this time, as the magical world fought against the darkness and threats known and unknown, I was but a shadow. A fragment of a lifestyle that was only complimented by more isolation and craving for more understanding. How could your father be the Minister of Magic? Yet you feel like the most powerless being in the entire magical community? I'm not a squib, far from actually. I seek to become the beacon and message of what my father strives for. Total security yet total absolution in magic. I was born in 1991, needless to say that was a very important year for all of us. My mother and I resided in the United States of America as I was raised by her and her alone. My father would often make communication covertly when he could, but I never really saw him that much, mom always said he was fighting for us, but I never felt that. Never seen that. She taught me everything there was to know about the Wizarding World, including the various schools, organizations, and lifestyles of the diverse magical cultures. I was a quiet kid, shy, and even picked on at times.

That was until my prowess begin to show. And I began to stand up for myself, not knowing the potency of my magic at the time. I was young when I began to unleash what was really inside of me. The passive and reclusive young boy now turned into a walking nuke, ready to lash at a moment's notice. My mom knew my heart and soul, she just knew that it was confused and longing for something. Maybe my father, maybe to feel like I belong. She signed me up for sports, swimming, martial arts, and showed me that magic was very much who you choose to be and what you do just as much as it is how you choose to harness it. I was a kid like everyone else, but I was something different entirely as well. I got through school with A honor rolls and maybe an AB on off semesters. I excelled at sports, I started to feel like I belonged somewhere. And then it was time for school. I started out my tenure at Illvermorny, it wasn't half bad on top of Mt. Greylock. I was sorted into Thunderbird upon the Gordian Knot, but as soon as Kingsley heard, that's when he decided to show up. After all that time. I don't know if I'm the first or only to do this, but I was offered a place at Hogwarts despite my sorting at Illvermorny. So of course my mother moved back to the Isles, and it was my first time ever being here in England. Everything I'd built up in America was whisked away from me again. Another outcast in foreign lands. At least it's with others who are like me.

Even still, they're nothing like me. I don't know if anyone will ever be.

(And on to the real stuff below lol)

College graduate, with two Bachelors. One in Computer Science, one in Math. A very big advocate of showing that chivalry still exists, that not all men think with the physical and superficial, and that a man can be smart, funny, nurturing, AND loyal & honest without something being wrong with him. Football was my first love, now Music, Dance, and the artist industry has filled my soul. Basically a mash up of every type imaginable. A romantic, comedic, athletic, nerdy, intellectual person who always walks with a sense of faith. God, family, and optimism. Someone who loves to love, but also keeps a close circle because not everyone understands the level of wisdom and personality, mature way beyond the years and age. I have a lot of passion inside me that only people who I'm really close to on a deep emotional/spiritual level will see. Also I secretly feel like an outcast or like I'm not from here. If you value HONESTY and LOYALTY, and love horror stuff then we will probably be best friends by yesterday.

Also the king of That's What She Said jokes.

Personality type - 50/50 Split between ENFP and INFP, generally & mainly ENFP.

Love Language - Quality Time
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