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Ariana was born to the celebrated Beater James Stones and the herbologist Aqua Stones. James was a muggle-born sorted into the House of Hufflepuff, while Aqua was the daughter of a witch and a wizard, sorted into the House of Slytherin. Aqua was a metamorphmagus, which meant that she was bullied. James and Aqua first started dating in their fifth year (1997) and got married in 2004. In 2006, Aqua had their first child. They didn't want the world to know that they had their baby, so they kept the child a secret. Family and friends knew, and that was their downfall. Aqua had a beautiful, healthy baby girl, who was a metamorphmagus. They named her Magnolia, though everyone called her Olia. All was going well until Olia started to talk and walk. It was getting to the stage where all of the neighbours knew about her, but swore to keep the secret. One day, Aqua was reading the Daily Prophet when she saw the headline - THE STONES' LITTLE SECRET. Aqua was confused, so she began to read the article. 'The celebrated beater, James Stones, and his wife, the herbologist Aqua Stones, have a secret to share. I went to speak to their neighbour, Greta Parks. 'Hello Greta, may I come in?' I asked. 'Of course Peter, I have so much to tell!' Greta replied. As I entered her home, she offered me tea and biscuits (which were delicious!) 'Well Greta, what do you have to tell me?' I asked, my notebook in hand. 'Just over a year ago, my neighbour Aqua Stones told me that she was going to be having a baby any day, and to keep it a secret. When the daughter was born, James let me meet little Magnolia. I knew that the baby was a metamorphmagus! She has been causing trouble since the minute she could walk, so I knew it was time to tell the press!' 'How interesting Greta, do you have anything else to share?' I asked, as she passed me a chocolate frog. 'Of course dear! I need to share that, in just two months, Aqua will be having her second child!' 'Thank you very much Greta! I hope to see you again!' I said as I left her lovely home. Aqua and James were not happy, but there was nothing to be done. On March 16th 2008, Aqua had their second child Ariana. She was not a metamorphmagus. Much later, in 2015, Aqua had their third and final child, a girl called Persephone. In 2017, Olia went to Hogwarts! She was sorted into the House of Slytherin, which pleased Aqua a lot. Olia wasn't bullied at all, she was a nice girl although she was a Slytherin. In 2019, Ariana went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw, which was a shock. Persephone has not started in Hogwarts yet. 


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