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Oc: Kallista
Species: Vampire
Hair Colour: Black and purple
Eyes: purple
Favoured weapon: Dagger
Staff: Black with purple orb

Oc: Miara
Species: Elf
Hair: Blue, with black tips
Eyes: indigo
Favoured weapon: Bow
Staff: Blue with white orb

Oc: Amaris
Species: Demon
Hair: Red and black
Eyes: Red
Favoured weapon: Trident
Staff: Black with red orb

Oc: Esme
Species: Angel
Hair: Pink and white
Eyes: Gold
Favoured weapon: Spear
Staff: White with gold orb

Oc: Heather
Species: Fairy
Hair: Light Green and pale pink
Eyes: Silver
Favoured weapon: Net
Staff: light green with pale pink orb

Oc: Lyra
Species: Werewolf
Hair: Black with yellow tips
Eyes: Black
Favoured: Weapon: Wolf form
Staff: Black with yellow orb
Wolf form: On a full moon, Lyra trasforms into a normal wolf. Her wolf form is not bumanoid, just a regular, slightly large wolf.

Oc: Aeria
Species: Ghost
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Favoured Weapon: Sword
Staff: White with white orb

House: Slytherpuff
Pets: Black and purple dragon name Shadow, Black wolf named Artemis, Black pegasus with blue tips on her hair named Indigo

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