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mah oc's
name: starlight (normally nova)
Patronus: crane
personality: shy, quiet, self conscious, smart, half blind
looks: dark black hair, pale white skin, light pink scars on left eye grey dragon hide boots with leather cape with gold accents and black with gold splattered ears and tail
wand: willow tree. core: unicorn hair 4/12 stiff
species: werewolf
Language: English
Nationality: German
gender: female
sexuality: bisexual
Animagus: snake
Boggart: wolf pack
Pets: dark blue dragonet
Parents: Calico Markson unknown father
status: in a relationship

Name: blaze
Patronus: axolotl (yes)
personality: very quiet, eyes will pierce you
looks: dark red hair, baggy Hogwarts robes, very tall, dark red eyes shaded with black, ram horns
wand: Elbony wood dragon heart string core 7/4 flexible
species: ram/human
language: Russian - English - German
Nationality: Russia
gender: male
sexuality: gay
Animagus: ferret
Boggart: cats
Pets: dark green snake
Parents: none was adopted by a royal family
status: single

Name: willow stargazer
Patronus: unicorn
personality: proud annoying tall antagonizing
looks: pearl white hair. prefect ravenclaw robes or dragonhide hood , gold speckled grey ears and tails lavender eyes
wand: oak wood fairy wing core 9/4 flexible
species: human
language: Romanian - English
Nationality: Romania
gender: female
sexuality: straight
Animagus: cat
Boggart: scars
Pets: tan to dark brown owl
Parents: unknown
status: single

name: Michell
Patronus: bluebird
personality: your average Percy Weasley but more kind
looks: gray-brown hair , a black hoddie with stars , shorts , black raven wings , grey-white-black eyes , cat-like pupil's , brown streak in hair , pale.
wand: none
species: black angel
Language: English
Nationality: ???
gender: male
Animagus: wolf
Boggart: darkness
Pets: timber wolf
Parents: ???
status: taken

name: Alex
Patronus: peacock
personality: kind , self conscious , shy , afraid.
wand: maple tree 12/6 dragon-heart string
looks: short curly Ombre brown-blonde hair , white dress shirt under a green sweater vest , dark navy blue eyes , blue jeans
species: human......?
Language: English
Nationality: England
gender: nonbinary
sexuality: asexual
Animagus: none
Boggart: being alone forever
Pets: a German-shepherd
Parents: unknown was adopted
status: really?

WoF oc's

name: moonwatcher
powers: can see the future and read minds
looks: black top and lark lavender under side -rainnight- hybrid gray-lavender horns
sexuality: bisexual
gender: nonbianary

name: oceanwind
powers is an animus
looks: teal top dark blue bottom with white markings and twisted white horns with blind eyes
sexuality: lesbian
gender female

name: dune
powers: scorpion tail
looks sandy yellow top and cati brown bottom wit yellow and black eyes
sexuality: straight
gender: male
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