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Hey, little train, we are all jumping on. The train that goes to the Kingdom. We're happy, Ma, we're having fun.

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  • 1st Year
  • Iran, Islamic Republic Of


<font face=cursive> <font color=purple> Despite living in Edinburgh and receiving a Hogwarts letter, I was stuck being homeschooled. Scrofungulus is no picnic, let me tell you! The fairly contagious infection causes multicolored mushrooms to sprout from odd places on the neck and, at least in my case, occasionally spark. It took several years to finally clear up the infection, and my voice is soft as a whisper, but I didn’t spend that time just laying around. I spent time researching the ailment, of course, and I’m just glad I didn’t come down with something worse, like Vanishing Sickness! I was able to complete my O.W.Ls and N.E.W.T.s just a year behind schedule and began my post-secondary education when I was eighteen. If you haven’t guessed, I work on the Second Floor in the Magical Bugs and Diseases department.

I like reading books and making new spells. I always atudy and read at house or other places. I Try to be kind, and I try to be generous.
I live in a little nice house lonely. My parents are Muggle and because of that I live lonely, But I try to visit them as soon as I can. I love them so much.
I like writing, to. I write stories and books and I have a good time with writing.

I like dreaming and I think I'm crazy and mad. And I'm not sorry of that 'cause I love staying mad. And that's perfect. "All the best people are crazy."

I love God soooo much and I pray for him every single day. He's my best friend. I think he's so kind at me and of course he is.
At night, I stay awake. I imagine and I read and sometimes I go to the different places to explore.
I like staying awake and It's my hobby. There are many adventures in the dark night in my idea. And in my idea, Slytherins aren't bad guys. And just some of them are naughty.
I like Muggle's things and I can say I spend a lot of time with Muggle subjects.
Umm, I like music to. It's a part of my life.
I'm friendly and I always have a reason for laughing. It's my job to make people happy and make fun with everything.

Some information about me:

Name: Fantin H
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Muglle-born
Job: Student, healer, writer. (And maybe others)
Wand: Alder wood with a phoenix feather core, 10 ¾" and suprisingly swishy flexibility
Patronus: Mastiff
Favourites: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Dramione ship, " l o m u s" spell, Mooncalf, Godric's Hollow, Pride of Portree team and Butterbeer.
Creature: A male, Hebridean Black dragon called "Drexiss"

At the end, if you want to live happy and good, I suggest you to love God and people, study, think good, try and don't forget that the end is so near...
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